Under the Radar-Uncanny

So this on Under the Radar I’m going to be introducing you guys to Dynamite’s new book, Uncanny.

Uncanny is about Weaver, an enigmatic man who has the ability to “know” people through touch.  What exactly “knowing” entails isn’t made all that clear.  Weaver can see things about the person he touches, personality, training, personal items and quirks, and then copy them.  However, it’s nowhere near perfect as he “misses” some very key things that nearly get him killed more than once.

As much as I’d love to talk about how good and/or bad Uncanny is, or even get into the story it’s trying to tell, I’m afraid I can’t.  While most first issues struggle with balancing exposition and plot progression, Uncanny tries something different in that it doesn’t do either.  Rather than being like a pilot episode for a new series, this issue feels like the first 15 minutes of a pilot.  Issue one entails the inciting action for this initial story and ends on what’s supposed to be a cliffhanger but really is just a big question that should have been answered within the issue itself.

We do get to see a little bit about Weaver as he tries to maneuver his way out of the hairy situation he put himself in.  It’s clear he’s been abusing his ability for a long time, living off of stolen credit and poker winnings, he’s smart and resourceful and his ability does have some major side effects.  It’s something akin to the hangover from hell, and he likes to cuss.  The art is nice too.  It doesn’t take your breath away but it’s not really supposed to.  It’s dark, gritty, and noir with just enough color to keep it from feeling dingy.  Uncanny has all the right pieces to make a really cool mystery comic but there just isn’t enough given to give it a yay or nay.

Final Verdict: Unremarkable but not unforgettable

Till next time I’m the Writing Writer.


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