MAN OF STEEL and the Superhero “No Kill Code”

If my thoughts weren’t good enough, this guy literally teaches super heroes.


The long-anticipated Superman movie by the Nolan Brothers and writer David Goyer has finally hit the multiplex and stands poised to be a summer blockbuster, but it’s breakneck ending with epic CGI battles have sparked controversy over its ‘disaster porn‘ mayhem and what some comics fans consider an unforgivable violation of the superhero icon’s moral character. But despite wishes to the contrary, 2013 is poised to cement the superhero summer blockbuster as the defining global post-9/11 cinematic zeitgeist for the foreseeable future. Spoilers ahead, superscholars.

Superman is not a hero in this movie; he’s a liability. This is a movie where everyone would have been better off — and thousands more people would be alive — if Superman had never come to our planet. It’s hard to see that as a message of hope.

So opines an article at Comics Alliance, “Choice and the Moral…

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