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Internet!  This week I bring you The Devil’s Panties



The Devil’s Panties is a pseudo-autobiographical book following the life of its author, Jennie Breeden, and her random romps through life.  See her shake her groove thang at what I can only assume is a BDSM fetish club.  See her first con experience.  See her firs fan experience.  See her eat chocolate! 

Alright, since this is a slice of life comic there’s not a whole lot of crazy drama or action.  However, Jennie always manages finds the humor in every place her life has takes her and sure there’s a lot of goof to the comic, but every so often it does touch on some heavy stuff like breaking up with a long term boyfriend or serious topics like religion and politics.  Heck, the fist page of the first book is of Jesus taking to Satan about the atrocities done in his name, and he’s smoking pot, so..stew on that for a while.  No matter what issue is being tackled or life event being poked fun at, The Devil’s Panties always keeps it light and neutral.  Obviously when it comes to religion and politics people always sway one way or the other but Jennie tries to keep things on a level that doesn’t sway too far in any direction, even when she’s pointing at how Easter has very little to do with Jesus.  It’s sacrilegious to be sure, but it’s also something I can respect because of how it’s handled.  The art isn’t too bad either.

The aesthetic of the book reminds me of old underground comix : lots of imperfect character designs, harsh blacks, and general weirdness.  Thankfully, Devil’s Panties is much tamer than what you’d normally find in comix so, while it’s not for all ages, it’s content is enjoyable to a much broader audience.  Though, with a name like The Devil’s Panties it could have easily gone either way.

Final Verdict: It’s not satanic porn and I like that!

The Devil’s Panties is a daily strip so go and check it out as often as possible!

Till next time I’m the Writing Writer.


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