Under the Radar-Wild Blue Yonder

They there internet peeps, this week on Under the Radar it’s IDW’s Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder is set in a not zombie infested, post apocalyptic world so an instant +10 to interesting already!   The world has been ravaged by war and abuse to the point where living on the land and sea is no longer an option, so everyone took to the sky.  The people of world now live on massive airships, freighters, carriers, whole families living on ships of all sizes all fighting over the few precious recourses left so they can stay afloat.  The story begins with Cola, the protagonist, heading down to one of the few habitable land masses to find a replacement “gunner” which is a cross between a co-pilot and a wingman with a dash of the Rocketeer because, why not?  Cola ends up finding her gunner, a miner named Tug, and they return to Cola’s ship, The Dawn, only to find it under attack by the antagonist, the Judge.  After a gorgeous battle and some brief introductions, Wild Blue Yonder wraps up with a nice reveal, setting the stage for the rest of series.

I want to say that WBY has a steampunk esthetic.  There are crazy looking airships, rocket packs, and nifty gadgets and clothes.   However the technology is much too advanced and people wear classic 20’s pilot attire, bomber jackets, flight goggles, etc.  So really this is a world where steampunk was allowed to progress to at least into the WWII era of technology and culture.  This twist on a nerd standard is probably the most interesting about Wild Blue Yonder.  We get the all the crazy, Jules Vern kind of adventures and gadgets that are present in steampunk, but through the lens of Dave Stevens.  The characters come to a close second at being the most interesting thing about WBY.  Though issue 1 wasn’t more than one giant introduction, everyone that has been shown could easily stand alone in a solo series.  The Judge is a cruel, calculating man but has only the protection and preservation of his crew at heart.  Cola is the plucky prodigy who’s still wet behind the ears, something at the heart of nearly all coming of age stories.  Tug is the lens for the audience and by that nature he is already has our attention.  Scram is a gunner who has the right about of crazy and recklessness to make every panel he’s in fun and exciting.  And there’s Olivia, she doesn’t get to say much in this issue but she’s a captain of The Dawn and everyone loves a captain.

Final Verdict: No TSA, Hell yeah!

Till next time I’m The Writing Writer.


2 thoughts on “Under the Radar-Wild Blue Yonder

  1. Hey, great review. I loved this issue for the same reasons you did. Especially that it is post-apocalyptic and doesn’t seem to have any zombies in it! Zombies are fun, but haven’t we seen enough of them already.
    As you were trying to describe the aesthetic… Steampunk from the WW2 era, what you were describing was Dieselpunk. Kinda annoyed that it’s not better known than it is cause it seems like such a cooler aesthetic than steampunk to me. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if people actually had planes like Cola’s to fly around?

    • Dieselpunk, I’m surprised I didn’t know that. Thanks!
      Yeah it would be cool to have something like Cola’s plane but personally I’d take the jetpack over the plane any day. I’d be jumping around like Spiderman accept I’d have a friggin jetpack!

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