Ravingnerd Reviews: Age of Ultron #10

I stopped reviewing Age of Ultron ages ago. I found this little event series full of pointless shenanigans, tiring, old and rather lacking in originality. Yet Bendis, Marvel, and Quesada all promised an un-guessable ending to the series. With a teaser like that it was hard for someone to resist Age of Ultron. Throw in Marvel’s now signature plastic bag trick, and you have a comic that sets the stage for an epic finale. Full of crowd pleasing awe and wonder.

Instead what we got was something decidedly different… Rather than review this comic by the normal formula, I’m going to cut the crap and talk about this issue. There is no sugarcoating it. This was one of the single worst things I have ever read. Marvel was right, I certainly didn’t see the ending coming. And you know what happened? Absolutely nothing. There was no mind bending ending, no shocking final pages. Nothing. This issue was frankly by the books. There was nothing special outside of the resolution to the plot that had been building since the first issue. Sure we had the final pages all leading to Angela’s debut in the Marvel Universe, but that was far from the “pulse-pounding finale” we were promised.

Instead it was as if Marvel just gave up. Like they knew this event had amounted to nothing, and decided to blow off the ending and do nothing but seed Infinity. Sounds about right to me, cover Bendis’ mistakes with Hickman’s brilliance. A fair strategy, but I expected more from the “Great House of Ideas” that so many seem to worship.

So just to clarify it all for you.

Rating before reading: 5
Rating after reading: 1

Never before has a comic been a greater let down. I had hoped from the teasers that Marvel would save the entire event from a terrible fate, but all they did was seal its fate. Age of Ultron was easily one of the most poorly written and poorly planned events that I have ever read. I am not sure how they ever expected to sell anybody on the new Hunger series (Galactus is back, in case you hadn’t guessed), Angela, or the idea that Infinity will be better than this. It is comics like this and the hype surrounding their rather underwhelming stories that made me despise Marvel in the first place. And Marvel certainly didn’t gain any more approval from me. Only more scorn.

Until the next time,

I HUNGER or some stupid shit.



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