Ravingnerd Rebuttals: Man of Steel

Over the weekend my Man of Steel review drew both high amounts of praise and high amounts of scorn. Thought I have attempted to respond the the negative feedback in turn, it seems easier to just outline my thoughts here.

First off, I still haven’t changed my mind about Man of Steel. I am glad that so many have enjoyed the film, and am begrudgingly happy to see a DC film make so much money and do so well at the box office.

Now to address some of the counterpoints or arguments launched against me and my thoughts on the movie.

1. An overwhelming number of people have resorted to tell me that I have never read a Superman comic before. “This dipshit has clearly never read a Superman comic” is a direct quote from one such attack. Not only is this false, but it shows that that person has indeed never read a Superman comic (or at least none of the good ones). I don’t feel the need to justify my readership of comics as I believe you all know me well enough to know that I do indeed read comics, but just in case. Here is a link to my VERY FIRST blog post. Which is about nothing but Superman comics.

2. Many of those who are aggressively against me have cited this article as reason as to why I’m wrong and “an ignorant piece of shit” (all these comments are so lovely and professional, aren’t they?) in addition to posting a comment on the site (due to a request by one of my supportive followers), I will also mention it here.

While this is indeed a convincing argument. All of you sources are either comics that are well out of continuity, or movies that are best left forgotten. The modern incarnation of Superman that I have grown up with is that of someone who doesn’t kill. I am glad that you are gleefully embracing this Monomythic portrayal of Superman, but just know it isn’t for all of us. Superman has always inspired me more than real people as he is quite literally above all the dramatic fuss that surrounds us. We can’t understand his morality or ethics because he essentially has “super morals”. There are many versions of Superman, and this film violates one of the most popular versions of the character. That Superman doesn’t kill. This isn’t Marvel, where all of our heroes are conflicted victims of circumstance. This is DC. Where the “No kill code” still exists in multiple sectors of the universe. I’m glad that you are well educated, and have enjoyed reading this well put together article. But I am no fool just because I strive for my heroes and idles to be more than men. If I want to watch a film about a conflicted super hero that needs to redeem himself, I’ll watch Batman. To cite stories that reaffirm my thoughts on Superman, I’ll use the aforementioned All-Star Superman, Superman: Birthright, Superman: Last Son, What’s Wrong with Truth, Justice, and the American Way, and Superman: Brainiac among many others. Once again, I’m pleased that you have made an educated response. But those of us who seek more from our heroes aren’t wrong. We simply subscribe to a different, less blockbuster friendly interpretation of the character.

3. Many of you have cited “there are different interpretations to a character” as the reason I’m wrong. While this is true, the Superman I believe to be true and defend in my review is also an interpretation of the character. Thus all arguments of this type support my own, in a way.

Ultimately it was never my attempt to upset anyone with my review. I was merely stating my opinion, as multiple people told me they held it in high regard. I thank my various Twitter followers who rallied to my aide, and the few who were able to discuss different opinion in a civilized manner. The bottom line is this, Superman inspires me. However, the one that inspires me is drastically different than the one shown in the movie. I recognize perhaps that the characterization that inspires me may not even fully exist, but the thought of it helps me to do good every day. I believe in the super moral Superman. One who is so above human morality and ethics that we as humans can’t fathom it. Superman is just good. There is no real reason for him being good, he just is. While this confounds many, it’s supposed to. He’s an all powerful alien from an advanced civilization. How could we possibly understand and relate to him?

I hope that this clarifies some topics and increases my ethics a bit more. I am happy that so many enjoyed Man of Steel, just saddened that they will never know the Superman that inspires me on a day to day basis.

Until the next time,



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