A Quicky from Ravingnerd #1

Is the title too much? I wanted something catchy and clever, I just want to make sure this isn’t too off color. If anyone thinks I should change it, please speak up and I will.

Now the point of these posts is to discuss what I don’t normally review. I always read more than a dozen comics a week, and even then I rarely discuss more than two to three a week. Thus I have a chance for little “Quicky” reviews. Hence the title. This way I can get my thoughts out on various different series’ all in a timely and quick manner. So let’s dive right into it!

The Shadow #14
Rating after reading: 6
While Chris Roberson’s start to the comic was tremendous, it fell a little short of great this issue. The pacing seemed weird, and the opening sequence remained unexplained throughout the rest of the comic. The battle between the mysterious woman in white and our dark hero is thrilling, with the Shadow getting his ass handed to him like never before. But all in all it felt rushed, hopefully a more dramatic conclusion will end the arc. Despite it’s faults, the relaunched Shadow continues to be one of the most pleasing comics on the shelf and Roberson adds an energy and scope that has yet to be seen from the character.

Suicide Squad #21
Rating after reading: 8
The re-branding of Suicide Squad continues to impress. While this issue falls just behind the pace of last issue, Kot and Zircher continue to be nearly pitch perfect with their redefined team of villains. The addition of James Gordon Junior, Cheetah, and the Unknown Soldier is both a unique pairing of characters, but each one adds an increasingly different dynamic to the team. Continuing to add new characters keeps the book fresh, and Kot and Zircher are on the right track.

Batman #21
Rating after reading: 10
I hate to keep giving Batman perfect scores. But it keeps deserving them. Snyder may have made big credits for himself a few weeks ago with The Wake and just yesterday with Superman Unchained, but this book is truly where his style of writing feels perfect. Together with his partner in crime Greg Capullo, there is nothing that the two can’t seem to do. From the first page I was hooked on the retelling of Batman’s origins, and the last page only upped the anti. This will no doubt be a thrilling arc that will easily top both Death of the Family and The Court of Owls. Fellow contributor Adam is a fool for skipping out on this arc.

Green Lantern Corps. #21
Rating after reading: 7
While I will miss Geoff Johns on Green Lantern Corps, the clean slate he gave the Green Lantern Universe is rather refreshing. And though I’ve loved the stories that have come out over the past two years, it would have been nicer to see a clean slate 20 issues ago. While I am not the biggest fan of John Stewart, Van Jensen tells a mean story. One that has us both feeling for Lantern Salaak and see’s John and Fatality in conflict with a group of aliens from an unidentifiable species. Though separate from last weeks phenomenal Green Lantern, we do see bits of some of the new recruits origins. As the pieces begin to fit into place. This comic feels more like the companion or prequel to last weeks Green Lantern, which is a little jarring. But all in a all a great way to start off, and a wonderful way to present a connected universe that is heading off in a bold new direction.

Batgirl #21
Rating after reading: 8
Just months ago I thought I was done with Batgirl, I thought my enjoyment in the character and Simone’s wonderful rendition of her was at an end. Two months later and I am in love with her reinvention of the Ventriloquist. Not only does this story pack the human element which has made this one of the best comics on the shelf, but presents a truly terrifying villain that not only adds a unique character to Batgirls own expanding gallery of Rogues but those of Batman as well. I am truly glad that my heartbreak from just months ago was all for nothing.

Star Wars #6
Rating after reading 7
While Wood’s comic has felt fresh and exciting, the pacing seemed to get the better of this issue. While the story is still thrilling, there are story gaps that are either unexplained or just completely confusing. Despite that, great character moments from unsung heroes of the Star Wars Universe like Wedge and Mon Mothma drive this issue to an above par status. It could have scored greater, but the last three panels were all sorts of confusing.

Katana #5
Rating after reading: 5
Man and I loved the beginning of this series too. Katana just seems to keep slipping. The book is so full of bigger scope ideas and projects, that it loses sight of the character. The book isn’t really about Katana. It’s about The Creeper (who’s new version is aggravating and angers me), the Outsiders (seeded through Green Arrow as well), and even Killer Croc. This series lost focus on the important issues just an issue after it’s stellar debut. I’ll stick around to see if this book gets better, but if it can’t start narrowing in on the title character, it will sit on the shelf and gather dust.

Constantine #4
Rating after reading: 8
Conversly, Constantine keeps getting better and better. Though scorned at first by many die hard Hellblazer fans, this book just keeps getting better and really proves why Constantine is right at home in the DC Universe. This issue features yet another new mystical character that is making Lemire and Fawkes’ “Dark” line stuff very interesting. Seeds are constantly threaded as the dynamic duo of the shadier parts of the DC Universe continue to build a mythology that is not only new and refreshing, but absolutely brilliant. I hope folks get over Hellblazer soon, because this is easily becoming one of the best books on the shelf.

Well, that’s about all the quickies I can give this week, but don’t worry, you can get another next week.

Until the next time,


2 thoughts on “A Quicky from Ravingnerd #1

    • No, it didn’t pass my three issue test. So I gave up on it. And jokes on you, looks like most of the Bat- Universe will do a Zero Year tie in or two. So suck it.

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