Ravingnerd Reviews: Astro City #1

Greetings everyone! I’ve been battling what is being called the Kryptonian Flu. I am definitely not getting into the details, but I have been struggling to cope for quite a few days. Hopefully I’m on the mend now, and thus will be able to serenade you with the copious amounts of reviews that I just wasn’t able to get to yesterday.

The first is arguably the biggest release to come out recently, the anticipated return of Astro City. I have long been a fan of Busiek and Anderson’s vibrant universe, and am ecstatic to have this book as apart of the Vertigo line. It seems like such a good fit, so without further set up, let’s get right into what I liked.

1. Brent Anderson out does himself here. While I criticized his heavily lined and shaded Phantom Stranger, it is nice to see him step out of a moody book and into what suits him best. This book is just beautiful to read.
2. It offers a fresh start, while this is not the first Astro City comic, and it certainly does fall within the Astro City continuity, reading that doesn’t matter. It helps to get attached to some of these characters, but not necessary to get invested in this story.
3. Busiek has a definite story to tell, and that story feels unique while familiar at the same time.
4. We get a glimpse of most of the familiar characters. We see the Samaritan, Winged Victory, The Confessor, and Crackerjack. The only one missing was Jack-In-The-Box.
5. The use of the Broken Man to tell the story is fascinating, funny, and quite interesting.
6.. Seriously, it’s the return of Astro City. It’s finally here!

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 9

What a well done story and introduction/re-introduction to the Astro City universe. Busiek hits the ground running, and is evenly paced with Anderson’s pitch perfect art for the book. Whether an ongoing or limited, this is going to be one fantastic ride. My one complaint would be the lack of nostalgic feel. We only see limited glimpses of the characters that we have grown to love. While I understand the importance of appealing to new audiences, I find myself missing the characters. Of course I just re-read all of the Astro City volumes, so that would explain my extreme sense of nostalgia for the series.

So despite it all, this opening issue blew me away. From the Broken Man to the door, I am hooked once again in the magnificent city (and world) of tomorrow that Busiek and Anderson have created.

So if you missed it, pick it up. This is the perfect opportunity for new readers to hop aboard, and a fabulous start for Astro City fans to venture back into this wonderful universe.

Until the next time my friends,





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