How Evil?

DC has not only announced that they will have an entirely villain centered line in September, but that the events of Trinity War will lead to the crisis. In addition to that, it appears that Forever Evil, will launch simultaneously. Forever Evil being a proper event, with a 5 issue limited series, three 5 issues Forever Evil companion books, and a slew of in universe tie ins. The result? Things are going to get very, VERY bad for our favorite heroes and for quite a long time.

It also appears that not all titles will have an issue in September. As Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman, and Detective Comics all have multiple issues with a decimal point distinguishing them. This allows the Bat-family to really strut its stuff as well have other massive Rogues galleries (namely Flash and Superman) put their best candidates fourth. We have a lot of announcements so far, but here are the ten characters yet to be announced that I’d love to see in a solo role.

Captain Cold- Granted Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul have completely changed the character and alienated hard core readers, the opportunity for the Pre-New 52 Captain Cold to emerge is present. He still hasn’t gotten much character definition in the New 52. Here’s there chance to prove it.

Toyman- He’s Superman’s Joker. He’s insane, twisted, terrifying, and funny. He’s rarely done, but when he is, he is a major force to be reckoned with.

Black Manta- Aquaman’s arch nemesis got a major boost in quality thanks to Geoff Johns, and it already feels like ages since we last saw the character. Having the ocean’s greatest foe fleshed out more would only solidify Aquaman’s new stature in the New 52, but put Black Manta on the same pedestal as Lex, Joker, and Sinestro.

Black Adam- Let’s give Black Adam an entire issue to reek havoc across the DCU. We’ve seen his origin, and who he is in the New 52. Now lets give him a solo series to show off just what an utter bad ass he is.

General Zod- While he’s been absent in the entire two years of the New 52, he is fixing to get a big boost from the upcoming Man of Steel movie. DC would be smart to revamp and reintroduce the character just in time for incoming fans to enjoy.

Ra’s Al Guhl- Another character that has been surprisingly absent in the New 52 is the immortal Lord of Crime himself. He’s one of the biggest villains in the DCU, surely he’s do for a major appearance soon.

Secret Society- Why not? We have teams of heroes as an ongoing series, why not focus on the apparently successful Secret Society for a month?

Cheetah- It should almost seem like this should have been announced already, but with The First Born taking over the Wonder Woman comic in September. That leaves the Wonder Woman arch-nemesis homeless for a month. A character of her status should definitely be showcased.

Captain Boomerang- I’m a sucker for Flash villains, and while Digger hasn’t appeared as a member of the Rouges yet (only in Suicide Squad) having an issue centering on him is indeed a long shot, but one DC should definitely consider taking.

Lex Luthor- Need I explain why?

Details from Forever Evil and Villains Month are still fresh and elaboration is sure to be on its way. So until then, are there any characters you’d like to see get a close up this September?

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3 thoughts on “How Evil?

  1. I love Mister E as a villain in The Books of Magic, and I’ve liked the new take on him so far in Constantine. Although the chances of Constantine getting a villain solo are low, I’d love to see them give E some spotlight time for more New 52 development. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind seeing him and/or the Cult of the Cold Flame for JLD.

    I’m guessing Trigon will be tied in as a Teen Titans villain, but I’d also enjoy seeing The Sons of Trigon for Phantom Stranger (assuming it gets one). They were interesting when they appeared, and could be good future villains for an arc starting in September/October, post Trinity War.

    Although the Superman and Batman villains announced so far have all been fairly logical choices, I’m somewhat surprised by the JL villains…Darkseid (makes sense), Lobo (seems odd), Dial E (I assume connected to Dial H, really weird) and the Secret Society (also makes sense). Deadshot for JLA seems even more off to me, because I thought he was a member of Suicide Squad, working for Waller. I’m hoping when we get there these will make more sense.

    • I’m hoping it will too. I’m also excited that most all of my requests have come true. Captain Cold doesn’t get a solo, but the Rogues get one. I’m really hoping they can turn around and be decent characters again.

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