Ravingnerd Reviews: X-Men #1

And here it is, the final first issue of Marvel NOW’s first wave. There has been a lot of tease and hype for this series, as it not only features the professional pedigree of Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel, but that of an all female cast of X-Men. While sounding odd at first, it was yet another indicator that Marvel is doing something right, as yet another female led series was introduced into the mix. Just a year ago, Marvel couldn’t hold a candle to even DC when it came to female solo stars, and now they are nearly equal. Naturally I was not only intrigued by the all female cast of X-Men, but that of the series itself. Wood has done great work with the Ultimate X-Men as of late, and it seemed time to let him shine in Marvel proper. So here is what I liked about this issue.

1. The baby is adopted. While teen pregnancy is a hot topic now, I am glad that they didn’t undermine Jubilee’s character and make her a throw away stereotype. Instead they make her not only a super hero, but a hero as well. Showing wisdom and maturity beyond her years. In just one page, Jubilee’s character was revolutionized in a way I never thought possible.
2. They are still operating within the world of men. Unlike some books, this series doesn’t take place with any special circumstances preventing the men from helping out. The women are simply show cased.
3. It feels like an X-Book. With the villainous twist, mutant babies, and a whole slew of other things this book feels like the X-Men I grew up reading as a kid.
4. Coipel is a master of the trade. Easily one of the best artists Marvel employs at the moment. The art in the book is vivid and alive. Making actions sequences more thrilling and the personal scenes more touching.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 8

I always consider it a bad day when I’m blown away by a Marvel book. While I always claim to read “the good books” I always despise myself a little bit when one of those good books ends up being a Marvel read. My pull list is getting much more diverse, and Marvel numbers higher among my reads then I ever thought possible. This book serves as an example of why no one should choose sides. This first issue was vivid, alive, fun, and interesting all in one. It bucked normal “the team gets together” trends by focusing on the family aspect of the team. I am always thrilled when comics’ leading ladies get the chance at a spot light, and this is one spot light that I hope shines bright for years to come. Bottom line this book is better than I ever expected, and probably better than this nerd deserves. If you haven’t checked it out, I would recommend you do so. There are sure to be a billion copies at your local retailer. And rightfully so. This book is crazy good.

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