Ravingnerd Reviews: The Wake #1

It’s the moment many of us have been waiting for. The launch of Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s Maxi Series The Wake. Both are super stars at the moment, with Snyder working on perhaps the most well received comic on the shelf at the moment, Batman, as well as the highly anticipated Superman Unchained series. Murphy made a huge splash in 2012 for his wonderfully done Punk Rock Jesus for which he was both artist and writer. With this veritable dream team assembled, who couldn’t be excited about them taking on a Vertigo project together? The issue starts off 100 years from now and while a bit confusing given the lack of context provided, it appears the world is pretty much dead. Flashback to now and we get a cast of scientists assembled on a submarine headed towards a top secret under water mining facility all to investigate strange things. Does this sound like a horror movie yet, or what? That being said, here is what I liked.

1. Sean Murphy’s pencils are one of the best things in comics at the moment, and his artistic mastery stands out as his works take away from the pacing and plotting of Snyder. This issue ia all Murphy.
2. It feels like a horror movie, which is a good thing. The hair on your neck pricks up just a bit and before you know what’s happening you are confronted with the terrible thing that the issue has been hinting at.
3. Snyder does a great job at making us feel for the protagonist, which will be all the more heart breaking given the high probability that she won’t survive her underwater voyage.
4. We have only a faint idea what’s going on, which makes the ending to this sudden and jarring. We are left with multiple questions, which is a key to a great first issue.

Rating before reading: 8
Rating after reading: 7

This was a solid read, but fell just shy of my expectations. While no one really knew what to expect, the conclusion to the first issue was jarring and altogether felt anticlimactic. While the best has yet to come, this issue definitely felt like a first issue. It managed to get us introduced to most of the characters but didn’t quite give us a plot direction yet. That being said, this book finds comfort in that. It throws of the readers allowing the horror movie feel of the book to sink in and stick with the reader.

So while I felt the book faltered a bit, it was still one of the best things that came out this week and definitely deserves a a read.

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