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It’s Friday which means another dose of Web.Comics.Info.  This week I’ll be showing you guys Saint for Rent

Saint for Rent is about Saint, keeper of the Cloverhouse Inn a special inn that caters to time travelers as well as some other supernatural guests and that’s about as much information the comic has given us thus far.  There’s a lot of talk about time travel, the rules and regulations about how this world deals with time travel.  Apparently there things with contracts and consultants as far as what they do no one can say at this point.

The book starts with the only real exposition in the book thus far and that is Saint talking about how his father left him the Cloverhouse.  It then explodes into 20 or so pages of some really great action and ends with a the beginning of a deeper mystery and then chapter two starts off with something completely different and unrelated with a background character from the previous chapter.

So you may be wondering why I’m showing you guys a really empty comic.  Well the truth is, I love this comic for what it’s doing with its art rather than its story.  Saint for Rent is an animated comic which means that there are select bits of flash animation that add to the scene.  Most of the time it’s subtle additions here and there; a spinning pattern, a bell ringing, but this comic really shines during the action scenes.  The bits of animation in the fight really add to the intensity of what’s happening.  The hits feel harder, the swings feel faster, and the cool random fight stuff feels, well cooler.

The art alone is beautiful and unique enough to keep my interest but the integration of animation just makes this comic a really interesting experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

I suggest you guys check it out and see for yourselves.  Saint for Rent is done by RU and updates on Tuesdays

Till next time I’m The Writing Writer

And remember, I’m always open to suggestions for other webcomics out there.  If you find something cool send it my way and I may just review it here.


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