Kicking Aspen: Jirni #2

So a while back our good friends over at Aspen gave Ravingnerd the opportunity to interview J.T. Krul on his new comic, Jirni.  Well now they’ve been kind enough to give us a preview of issue two of so let’s see what it has for us.


For those who are unfamiliar with Jirni, here’s the need to know.  Jirni is about Ara, a princess on a quest to find her mother, Luna, who had been kidnapped by an evil wizard, Torinthal. On her journey she rescues Nylese, a young girl whose own journey follows closely with Ara’s and so becomes her traveling companion.  Issue one opens up with Nylese and her father being “’prepped for dinner” by some rather nasty looking monsters.  A few dramatic screams, some well placed swings of  Ara’s sword and a dash of back story and issue one of Jirni warps up as a fun read.  Issue two gives more of the same with some more great action and some big reveals in the mystery around Ara and her mother’s kidnapping.

Djinn, or genies, play an integral role in the story of Jirni.  Torinthal wants them, Luna has connections to them, and Ara has everything to do them.  In issue two Ara’s ties are expounded upon while at the same time giving us a glimpse at the world of Jirni.  This nice little side story to the main plot is a nice “second episode”.  We get to see some cool stuff that only J.T. Krul and Jirni can show us while learning a lot about Ara and getting enough breadcrumbs to keep things interesting.

Right now there’s a whole lot of mystery as to who Ara and Luna are and we  know absolutely nothing about Torinthal other than he’s bad and he’s got a lot of magic at his disposal.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Jirini is as much about its story as it is about its art. Aspen is known for having some gorgeous books and Jirni is really one of their best.  Paolo Pantalena is doing an exceptional job with his line art and Brett Smith is doing some amazing color work.  Everything feels like a kick in the face and I mean that in the best way possible.  The action scenes are really intense and flow well, the colors pop out of the page and everyone and everything just looks really cool.  It also doesn’t hurt that anything with two X chromosomes is impossibly beautiful and have outfits that really….breathe.  Jirni is a book with some of the best eye candy on the stands right now which great because now I can indulge in some great flash while also getting some great substance.  It’s the comic equivalent of having your cake and eating it too.   


Final verdict: I Dream of Jirni

Jirni is shaping up to be an interesting and exciting ride so check it out!  Issue 3 hits the shelves on the 22nd so head on down and support your local comic shops and some great writer/artists!

Till next time I’m The Writing Writer.


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