Replacing Robinson

By now most of you have heard that the ever talented James Robinson has not only left Earth 2 but DC as well. While I could spend hours discussing the flaws with DC’s editorial staff I won’t. Sadly, DC will have to learn to respect their creators first and foremost, and if losing dozens of fabulous creators is the way to do it, then so be it. I recognize it is a job, but there needs to be serious cleaning going on at DC. Serious cleaning.

That being said, we are all left facing the impossible reality of an Earth 2 without James Robinson. He has been architect and grandmaster for this new universe for ages, and once discussed having plans well beyond 16 issues. Earth 2 has been the most popular of the Second Wave books, and come August will be one of the two remaining from the original six.

So we are left wondering who could hop aboard Earth 2. It’s an insanely good book at the moment, and assuming that Nicola Scott stays on for art duties, it will only be lacking a good writer. Does DC have a writer that could allow Earth 2 to at least float on by? Or is Earth 2 doomed to an untimely and undeserving end?

First off it is important to note that DC has yet to address the departure of Andy Diggle from Action and DC. They have instead put highly criticized and widely hated (at least among my social and social media circles) Scott Lobdell as the writer for the book. If DC can’t seem to find a worthy name for Action in a timely manner, how could Earth 2 ever hope to survive? Below I’ll discuss the creators currently in DC’s pen that I think could a terrific job at continuing the legacy of Earth 2.

I will also state for the record that Geoff Johns may have the chops and capacity to work on the book, but that would lead to serious over exposure to his work and that wouldn’t be a good thing. So I am leaving Johns out of this intentionally.

Assuming he still is within the DC stables former Red Lanterns and Stormwatch scribe Peter Milligan has the credentials to write an up and coming team of heroes. His work on X-Statix showed that not only could he work and build a team exceptionally well, but that he could work with brilliant under the radar characters. As most of the cast of Earth 2 is relatively unknown, Milligan could easily expand upon the threads left by Robinson and create the team we have all been waiting for.

Following upon the same trend former New Guardians and Blue Beetle writer Tony Bedard  also has a reputation for working with teams. Not only that, Bedard has experience working with many of these characters as he has written a few issues of the pre New 52 universe. While not the full time scribe, Bedard has proven himself on titles like Exiles, the Great Ten, and even R.E.B.E.L.S. Bedard can not only write teams effectively but has done a tremendous work creating characters that people care about. R.E.B.E.L.S and Great Ten were tremendously well done with the latter lasting much longer than anyone saw possible.

While new to DC, Greg Pak is starting his work there with the massively important Batman/Superman title. Within the course of the title we’ll see Bruce and Clark travel to Earth 2 and beyond, which forces Pak to be at least somewhat familiar with the Earth 2 universe. Given Pak’s great track record at Marvel, the Earth 2 gig could be well within his grasp, and should be enough to excite even the most hard core fans.

While he has yet to write anything quite like this, I really like the idea of Robert Venditti working on Earth 2. He has produced some great books for both DC and beyond, and will be relatively free with Demon Knights ending. While currently writing Valiant’s X-O Mannowar and DC’s main Green Lantern title, giving Venditti the chance to write something like this should be exciting. He knows how to build a plot, and has done a tremendous job at building the Valiant universe. Both team building and world building are necessary for a successful Earth 2 replacement.

Speaking of world building, J.T Krul (whom is currently worldbuilding in his well done Jirni title for Aspen comics) strikes my mind as a man who has masterfully built many universes. From Soulfire to Superman Beyond, Krul stands out as a dynamic and highly under appreciated creator. Earth 2 would be a high profile gig for a super start creator. If he can swing the time (he’s involved with a lot of things write now), I think he’d be a stellar fit for Earth 2.

Those are my thoughts and my recommendations, who do you want to see hop aboard Earth 2. More importantly, who do you think DC will put there?

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4 thoughts on “Replacing Robinson

  1. my 1 pick would be scott snyder see him branch out from just the central batman give talon completely over to his prodigy James (i like his work on RHATO so far) and he should take us for a thrilling ride he certainly has the skills for a book like Earth 2 and my second pick would be the duo of W. Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams the 3rd as their run on Batwoman so far has been exhilaration and would love to see them expand their palette among the 52 well more like the 45/44

    other writers in the dc pool that could be used are Michael Alan Nelson,Francis Manipul and kyle higgins

    • All very good picks. I doubt Snyder would hop on Earth 2 given his current busy slate, but it’d be great to dream. I’d also enjoy Jeff Lemire on the title. But I’m dreaming in that respect.

  2. I was never a fan of the rebooted Earth Two, so good riddance, in my opinion. I could honestly care less about who replaces him as long as these revamped heroes run around the same world as my old favorites did all those years ago. My opinion for what they should do: give it another reboot back to the old status quo, and bring back the old days of the JSA!!!

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