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Greetings everyone, earlier today when I highlighted the most significant findings in DC’s August Solicits, I mentioned an impending discussion on my thoughts, hopes, and guesses for future DC titles. This is that post.

I will be attempting to reach beyond the ethereal realm and deduce just what series’ we will be getting next. While much might be a rehash from previous guesses, majority of my original theories have gained much more credence now. Also, if you don’t get the reference, then you need to spend a little more time with Emily (who should be joining us again in a summer podcast session as soon as we get all the kinks worked out).

First off it is important to note that DC hasn’t really stuck to the letter of the law with New 52, there were 49 monthly titles last I checked, thus a full set of four replacements seems unlikely, however one or two are essentially guaranteed. I’ll first start with the obvious statements and theorize from there.

Come September, there will be but one Young Justice Line title (Teen Titans). Given that this series is one of the better selling DC titles, it is highly unlikely that Teen Titans is going anywhere, which means that it should serve as the capstone for a greater launch within the Young Justice Line. While technically Green Team and The Movement could be seen as Young Justice titles, both seem to be going different directions and being labeled apart of different lines. Thus it would seem highly likely that the Young Justice line up could use a little sprucing up.

Now, using the threads that I have pulled from nearly a half year of conventions and paired with revelations from both what has happened in the universe, and what will happen according to the solicitations. I am once again placing my bets on the splinter Teen Titans team that Lobdell essentially promised ages ago. This could be done quite simply. In August Superboy and Red Robin will apparently be at odds with one another. Their tension “threatens the entire team”. This is comics, what happens when a team starts to break up? They form a splinter team. Imagine that this team will choose sides and leave each half full. Then throw in the young characters that have been shown and teased throughout the New 52. We know that Beast Boy survived the conclusion to the final issue of the Ravagers (as he was found by Raven). Raven is taking a quick prominence in the New 52, Jericho has already made an appearance, and Static has been linked to the Teen Titans, let alone his short lived solo series. I think it is highly probable that we will see two Teen Titans teams, one of which could very well be named “Young Justice” to reference the original masterpiece comic, and to appeal to fans of the television show. So there is suggestion one.

While a second splinter team is enough to create buzz enough to kick start the Young Justice Line back into gear, it will need something with staying power to truly bolster the numbers. While the “New Teen Titans” or “Young Justice” will be effective and fresh at first, it has the potential to quickly grow stale. Thus a series that can grant a more permanent, dare I say, mindless following is needed. That title is Red Robin. Giving Tim his own solo series would be the smartest thing DC could possibly do. More genius still, set him in the YJ Line. Don’t toss him in among the Bat-Family titles. We all know his origin and ties, but establishing a strong link with the other YJ titles will effectively ensure the longevity of the YJ line as a whole as well as the sales and readership of a Batman title. We all know we would jump at the chance to read a Red Robin solo. Quarrel or no quarrel with his new origin.

Those two titles alone would not only generate buzz about the YJ Line, but could boost sales for Teen Titans as well. Firmly placing it among DC’s biggest sellers. At this point it almost seems like a win win.

The Daemonites have been seeded and threaded throughout the DC Universe now, and have not shown up since Grifter ended. This leaves a major plot thread seemingly missing, with multiple important characters missing in action. On a related thread, Stormwatch will die next. If stalwart fans like myself are jumping ship with their rebranding/rebooting shenanigans, even a small surge of fans will end the title a net loss of revenue. Aside from feeling alienated and cheated out of a book, Stormwatch represents the only taste of the Wildstorm Universe within the DC Universe. With it gone (and it soon will be), there will be no Wildstorm characters or concepts in publication.
And this is where it all comes together. Daemonites + Wildstorm = WildC.A.T.S. I know I have talked about a WildC.A.T.S relaunch and rebranding at great length in numerous attempts at predicting what’s next for DC, but that is only because DC has not only seeded multiple in universe hints, but DC creators have all stated its what they want next too. All the key players are there (minus Maul), and it seems like the perfect way to add some other characters into the fold (listen to the latest Ravingnerd Presents to hear my wishlist for team members).

Speaking of creative universes that haven’t been seen recently, there has been significant amount of rumor (stemming from Dan Didio himself) that a Shadow Cabinet title is coming. As seeing that the Milestone aspect of the DC Universe has been all but forgotten, I would love to see this title. I find it unlikely, but the high profile statements and soundbites lend it credence. And perhaps that’s why the Milestone Universe has been dormant the since Static’s passing. Perhaps they are waiting for the right opportunity. Now seems to be as good a time as any.

Finally, the Outsiders has been cropping around across multiple titles. Green Arrow and Katana both are inadvertandly working to discover who the Outsiders were. More importantly to us, we need to determine who they will be. It is clear that the Outsiders is something that DC wants to revamp and relaunch. It all depends on a team. Green Arrow and Katana both seem unlikely, as they have huge gigs with the JLA at the moment. Doesn’t stop the names of The Creeper, KIller Croc, and Element Woman from being suggested. Then it comes down to, what type of team would they be?

Well that’s about it for actual informed predictions. My next thoughts are essentially my wishlist for the DC Universe, one that I don’t see happening anytime soon, but my wishlist none the less.

I have said it a thousand times before, and I’ll say it once again. Cyborg needs the chance to go solo. He’s been building up a bad ass reputation in Justice League for 20 issues now, he has an insane level of brand recognition thanks to promotional images of the Justice League, the popularity of the Teen Titans cartoon, and his high profile appearance in the Injustice Video Game. He’s about as big as he can get without having a movie. Now would seem like an immensely opportune moment to give him the chance at the solo spotlight. If it can work for a character like Vibe, could it not work for him?

At this point I don’t much care what context he shows up in, I just want Steel to be prominent somewhere in the DC Universe again. He’s got an origin all mapped out, and has wiped the floor with Metallo. DC needs to add some change to the mix, tossing him in to any situation would add some much needed change.

Hopping back aboard the Milestone wagon, I would personally kill for another Icon solo series. With or without Rocket, Icon is easily one of my favorite heroes and one of the first heroes I ever encountered as a young comic reader. He has a super high profile, and has recently had a fairly important role in the Young Justice television series (as well as fan favorite Rocket). It would seem important to capitalize upon that familiarity before it is completely forgotten.

Again the last three are my hopes, and are not influenced by any outside thread or trend I’ve seen. So what do you think? Would you like to see my guesses come to life, or do you think they are even likely?

Until the next time,



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