To the Future and Back Again

Greetings! I hope that everyone had a great weekend, I know I was able to start my weekend early (hence no posting late last week). Since then The Writing Writer wrote another great edition of his series, which I invite you all to check out.

Last week I posted my predictions to the “un-guessable ending” to Age of Ultron, and this weekend C2E2 Marvel provided more clues that might lend credence to my theories. So let me elaborate a bit, and see if your thoughts have changed any since then.

My fifth (and personal favorite) prediction from last week was that Marvel would be ditching Marvel NOW and embracing a fuller more long lasting reboot, in similar manner to the New 52. While Marvel NOW’s onslaught of #1’s has kept Marvel afloat the last 6 months, DC has gained significant ground and has maintained a much stronger presence in the comic market than was felt before hand. Marvel has only really been able to cope with the gimmick of events and never-ending relaunches. A permanent relaunch that not only shook up the status quo, but made titles more accessible could easily end any competition DC could provide. Marvel’s fans are more loyal and greater in number. This being said, a permanent relaunch has to be in the minds of some of Marvel’s bigger executives. Last week I outlined how Marvel could easily use the end of Age of Ultron to spring into a Marvel New 52. Using time travel, Marvel could break down the Marvel Universe as a whole.

Last week I sited All-New X-Men and Age of Ultron’s time shenanigans as the main culprit, but C2E2 gave us some more reasons as to why time travel might lead Marvel into a harder reboot. It was announced that Battle of the Atom would be a ten part X-Event series taking place in All-New X-Men, Uncanny, X-Men,  and Wolverine and the X-Men, with a two part Age of the Atom mini. Within the event, the future X-Men (some from the Days of the Future Past continuity) will interact (and most likely fight) with the present X-Men. Not only does the X-Men include the past X-Men in the present, but soon the future X-Men as well, that’s a lot of time shenanigans for one universe. However there’s more, it was also revealed that Spider-Man 2099 (the Spider-Man in the future) will also be joining the cast of Superior Spider-Man for a brief amount of time. Meaning another major time shenanigan will be happening else-where in the Marvel Universe.

The time stream in Marvel is being kinda thrown to the wind isn’t it, surely this is evidence that Marvel will be using this as a major crisis level plot device in the near future? Doesn’t it?

So while sill a wild theory, could these events be greater indication that Marvel intends on amending in part or whole their long and often confusing continuity? While I thought so a week ago, it seems more likely now given the news.

What are your thoughts, have these recent announcements gotten you interested in what Marvel’s ultimate end (or beginning?) game is?

Until the next time,





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