Ravingnerd Reviews: East of West #2

Last month I was blown away by Hickman’s new original series, giving it a hefty rating all the while hoping I could find some flaw that would suggest that Hickman is human. Issue #2 of this series only confirmed that he isn’t human. While losing some of it’s thrill the first issue charmed with, the second issue proved that not only does Hickman know how to build a world, but he crafts his stories around the world. He doesn’t bend the world to serve his stories. If this isn’t enough for you to turn back around to your store, then here’s what I liked.

1. The art is still top notch. Dragotta knows what he’s doing, and more importantly, knows what Hickman is doing.
2. We get introduced to the leaders of the world.
3. Our hero picks up an unlikely ally.
4. While not as funny, the Horsemen are terrifying and very intriguing within the issue.

Rating before reading: 10
Rating after reading: 9

I think this comic loses points in that it’s less thrilling. The gritty showdowns between our main character and the President was both dramatic, intriguing, and thrilling. There are no such instances within this issue that produce as much adrenaline as the conclusion to the last issue, but that isn’t a bad thing. Hickman clearly knows what he’s doing and where he wants to take his series.

What was most interesting about this issue was that the unified “religion” of the world seems to be the apocalypse. “The Message” appears to be a prophecy for the end of the world, and surprise! All the leaders of the world are in on it. The governments seem to be that of the United States (however large or small it is), Texas, China, Black Towers (England?), the Endless Nation (Native Americans), and  New Orleans. How this will play out in the story has yet to be seen, but how each nation interacts has already begun to show. The Black Towers and the Endless Nation are apparently not friends, the President seems weary about the Governor of Texas. And all sorts of political problems seem poised to play out.

A western set in the future in an alternate reality? Now lets add a dash of political drama and an over arching conspiracy theory to that as well! Sound insane? It is, but it is insanely fun.

I invite any of you who have not already read this series to do so, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Until the next time, What did one cat say to the other?

“Meow. What else did you expect it to say?”



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