In Crisis: Age of Ultron

My most read post was my original In Crisis which was done over Death of the Family (I called it right). While I doubt this post will catch the collective internet’s attention, I promised that I would do prediction over who I thought was going to die in Age of Ultron.

Having read Age of Ultron, I see no point in trying to predict that as half the universe is dead and is certain to reset at the end of the series. Instead, I will post my top 5 guesses for the “Un-guessable conclusion” to Age of Ultron. Which is picking up steam. Bendis, Pacheco, Peterson, Gaiman, and even Quesada are all involved with the final issue in some way. So what do they have up their sleeves? What is so secret that even Hickman isn’t completely aware of the conclusion?

5. The Beginning of the End– Let’s look at what we know. Bendis has wrapped his run on Avengers and launched both the Marvel NOW X-Line and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Bendis has used time travel as major plot devices in both series’, and obviously Age of Ultron has a bunch of time shenanigans. Think back to the last major event that involved time shenanigans. It was Flashpoint for DC, in which Barry travels back in time to save his mom, and when he gets back the present everything has been changed. He then has to go back in time again, to stop himself, and then personally re-write the universe the way it was intended. Which lead this


This was the first time that Pandora had ever been seen in DC, and she’s gone on to have a major impact in the New 52 (hell, she’s getting her own ongoing series). What does any of this have to do with Age of Ultron? What if Bendis’ master plan has been something like this. Where the time stream has been so muddled that it has to be corrected, leading to a massive switch in direction to the Marvel Universe? There are two clues that could give this levity. One, “Wave Two” of Marvel NOW is approaching. Two, Angela (of Spawn fame) is being added to the Marvel Universe in this issue. Now to stretch things out a bit, what if Wave Two of Marvel NOW isn’t actually Marvel NOW, it’s a renumbering and rebranding of the entire Marvel universe the likes of which we have never seen done before? Angela could serve as the Pandora of Marvel, ushering in one Age of Marvel into another. While Infinity is hot on it’s heels, what if Infinity is the cosmic lynchpin that ignites it? That leaves more time for Guardians, the X-Line, and Age of Ultron to wreak havoc on the space time continuum. While a stretch, it’s a very real possibility.

4. Marvel’s New Image– Instead of rebooting their continuity, Angela could still serve as a Pandora of sorts for Marvel NOW. Using the same threads of Angela and Wave Two, Age of Ultron could end with the addition of new characters and universes to the Marvel Universe. Perhaps it will be the spark that leads to the New Universe’s increased status quo (it’s returned recently in Avengers, in case you missed it). Furthermore, perhaps it’s the dawn of a new age. An age in which various different creator owned properties from the 90’s join the fold with Marvel. If Gaiman has done it with Angela, what’s to stop further properties from following suite? Especially those that could use a little love. Perhaps Wave 2 is chock full of characters we’d never imagined to see in the Marvel Universe?

3. Rise of the Machines– Avengers A.I. was announced a few weeks ago. This title spins directly out of Age of Ultron and focuses on a new status quo for the A.I. in the Marvel Universe. Perhaps the un-guessable ending comes from the machines. It isn’t too far fetched to believe that parts of the Marvel universe could become completely controlled by machines. It has been announced that Hank Pym with have a “startling new status quo” after AU. Could it be Hank Pym will be the leader of some machine nation? One that has a major impact on the day to day actions of not only the heroes, but the normal people of the Marvel Universe? Could be.

2. It was Kaizer Soze– Age of Ultron’s ending is a well guarded secret. But looking at what is coming after it and what has happened thus far, Hank Pym will play a major role (more than just getting murdered by Wolverine and Sue Storm-Richards). What if the “un-guessable” ending involves Hank Pym. It’s not too far fetched considering we are 6 issues in and the only screen time he’s gotten is his death. Perhaps the future Hank Pym took over the world and made it look like Ultron. Perhaps the hero will become the villain, whether intended or not. Much like Ultimate Reed Richards and near akin to Bendis’ last big thing, AvX. This is perhaps most plausable. Marvel loves existing in a grey area. Making heroes villains and villains heroes. This would seem natural for Marvel while still being “surprising” as it’s a bit out of left field. Hank Pym hasn’t done much recently. And what’s one more persona to the man that’s held more identities than members of a super team?

1. A Miracle– When the announcement was made, I ranted about how I thought it was a bad idea. Whether good or bad, Marvel owns the rights to Marvelman/Miracleman and has every intention of using them. If you combine the news you have a virtual check list that would indicate Marvelman.

Big event with more readers than a normal comic, check.
The switch of another non-Marvel property over to the Marvel universe, check.
Neil Gaiman on board, check.
Announcement by Alonso that hasn’t been backed up, check.

If you look at it that way, it couldn’t be anything else. Also let’s keep in mind that Age of Ultron was supposed to happen years ago. You know what else was supposed to happen years ago? Marvelman introduced into the Marvel Universe. Yet Age of Ultron was postponed for some reason and Marvel never followed up on the Marvelman issue. Or perhaps, Age of Ultron was always designed as the vessel to bring Marvelman into the Marvel Universe. What if AU was postponed only so that Marvel could ensure they had done everything necessary to make the character theirs. Keeping Age of Ultron in their back pocket until they knew they were solid on the rules. When you look at it that way, it seems highly likely doesn’t it?


Only time will tell if any of these predictions, whether in whole or in part will accurate. But if it isn’t one of these things then I’d have to guess the conclusion is pretty underwhelming. What else could possibly top these options?

Do you have any guesses?

Until the next time, the age of guessing is upon us.



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