Marvel VS DC Monday’s #8

Hello folks! It’s that time of the week again, and though later than usual. Your favorite competitive collaboration is back for another round. MoreFunTravis’ moving dedication and homage to Walt Simonson nearly won him the week, but DC rallied at the end of the week to win 3-2.

This week saw massive weeks for both companies. And as always MoreFunTravis and I will try to win you over with our divisive rhetoric.

As always I will do my absolute best to persuade you towards the side of us true blue DC fans.

1. Saucer Country #14- This comic has long highlighted DC’s weeks, and the conclusion to Paul Cornell’s critically acclaimed series only leaves readers wanting more. As the election results come to ahead, and Arcadia is announced as President of the United States, fans of the series get the satisfaction of seeing all of her work (and our dedication as readers pay off). Despite a seemingly easy conclusion to her uphill battle for the White House, Paul Cornell does something interesting. He leaves the story open. While he manages to tie all loose ends and deliver a meaningful conclusion the hint and hope for a second volume is very real.

2. Constantine #2- As many of you might recall, I loved Constantine #1. Constantine #2 only confirmed my suspicions that this series is going places. While only being a 2.99 20 + page comic, Lemire and Fawks managed to make a meaningful story that involves not only the Spectre, but Sargon’s daughter and Mister E as well. Additionally, this comic seems to be directly related to the pairs Justice League Dark #0. As Constantine’s common foe, The Cold Flame, gets fleshed out more and more. This series truly is the heart of the Dark line and the magical end of the DC Universe. While Phantom Stranger is dealing with the cosmic ethereal beings, Constantine is dealing with real world threats. I can’t wait until the next issue of this series, and am so glad that it’s been done as well as it has so far.

3. Batman and Red Robin #19- While yes I bitched about this and Batgirl earlier this week, that doesn’t mean this wasn’t one of the best comics on the shelves. Aside from being reminded just how brilliant an artist Patrick Gleason is, it is great to see the depths of Bruce’s despair after Batman Inc. #8. The comic does a great job at reminding us that Joker killed the family in Death of the Family, and that Red Robin is only really there because Alfred asked. And that if anyone would help him off the ledge it would be him (ala his original reason to be Robin). But Batman is definitely broken beyond any healing Red Robin could offer, as he kidnaps and begins mutilating Frankenstein in an attempt to bring back Damian. Mutilation and shoving Tim aside like he’s nothing. Now we know Batman’s lost it.

4. Batman #19- While we only had one issue off from Greg Capullo’s work on the title, his return was very welcomed. In a rather forgettable story, Capullo’s work shines as his vivid take on the Bat universe now gets to add Clayface to his growing list of characters Capullo has deftly updated. While not my favorite, I am definitely curious to see how the conclusion of the two issue series will come about. Despite a lackluster main story, the backup story was incredibly bad ass. Even though the “Requiem” banner is gone from all the Bat books, Batman is still one messed up dude. In this particular story, Superman offers his help. Which while sweet, is hilarious. Us readers know that Superman would be the last person in the DCU to back Batman off the ledge.

5. Team 7 #7- This has been a tricky title. While it got off to a rather forgettable start, this series upped the stakes and became immensely more enjoyable when the news of its cancellation hit months ago. Team 7 has now made it onto 3 Marvel VS DC features, proving that though lacking in sales, this series still has many things it can do. Within this issue specifically, we get Wildstorm character and Superman Analogue Mister Majestic added to DC continuity. To make a tally, that leaves only Maul out of the picture when thinking about assembling a New 52 version of the WildC.A.T.S, which I think is more of a when rather than if at this point.

As you can see, I have clearly demonstrated that DC doesn’t begin and end with the Bat-books. The Dark line, Vertigo, and even cancelled titles keep pushing the envelope and producing some of the best stories on the shelves.

Alright you smiling, happy people…tonight I am really trying something different.  I’m still going to highlight five marvelous marvel titles from this week…but I’m going to do so exclusively in Haiku!  I betcha I can still sway you from Ravingnerd and his beloved DC.  So here we go!

1.) Hawkeye #9:

Lots of purple things
Costume is irrelevant
This is good comics

2.) Uncanny X-Men #4:

X-Men renaissance,
Comics to make Claremont proud.
Innovative art.

3.) Uncanny Avengers #6:

Screw controversy!
Apocalypse is bad-ass.
I trust Remender.

4.) Thor God of Thunder #7

Hark, tiny mortals!
Thor gets laid in this issue.
This Thor is metal!

5.) Age of Ultron #5

This is an event.
Comics can still be goofy.
Just have fun with it!

So there it is folks!  MoreFunTravis is a poet who doesn’t even know it!  A rhyme mastah who’s bringin’ it atcha!  Okay…I’ll stop.  But still!  Marvel puts out books so good they inspire poetry!  Can DC really top that this week?  That’s what I thought!

Now that you’ve heard from both of us, you can get your vote on. Reply directly on this blog, mention it on Twitter, comment on Facebook, or reblog on Tumblr. It’s as easy as that. Pick your favorite medium and let us know who you thought had the best week.

Until the next time,

Rn and MoreFunTravis


5 thoughts on “Marvel VS DC Monday’s #8

  1. OK, time for me to be the anal retentive, pretentious English Major that I try and hide the the dark places of my mind. Travis, those aren’t haiku’s. Haiku’s deal primarily with nature and have and are a lot more complex than just a 5-7-5 stanza arrangement. What you’ve written are a series of unfinished Tanka’s which are 5 separate lines following a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern. Finish you’re poems good sir!

  2. sorry I should have specified: These are a different type of haiku…I believe they are some times referred to as “drunken haikus.” They follow the 5-7-5 format and primarily deal with things that make me giggle.

  3. Marvel. Hawkeye continues to be an outstanding, impressive, fun book each month. david Aja’s art is simple yet beautiful and I don’t see how much more fun Fraction can put into this book. Also, THOR! Thor GoT has been great from the first issue. Easily my favorite book to come out of Marvel NOW!

    • Hawkeye was easily the best thing out of the Big 2 this week. I still haven’t read Thor, so I’m unfamiliar with what’s going on or why it’s so spectacular.

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