Web.Comics.Info-The Intrepid Girlbot

Alright internet peeps; it’s another installment of Web.Comics.Info.  This week I’ll be introducing you guys to The Intrepid Girlbot.

Girlbot is about a lonesome robot girl living in a future where humanity seems to have died off and robots have taken their place and adopted some of our tendencies   They shop, clean house, and have their occasional bouts of depression and/or teenage angst.  Girlbot has her own set of quirks.  She’s has self-image issues, not sure how being a robot but she does and she loves nature, but tends to fry anything living she touches.  In fact one of the supporting cast is an raccoon she brought back as an android and which creates a whole new slue of problems.  However, the most interesting thing about this comic is that it’s silent.  Aside from a few sings, onomatopoeia’s, and the three most current panels, there’s in a word anywhere. 

With silent comics, what they lack in words they usually make up or with body language; faces are more animated, actions more exaggerated, etc.  Yet Girlbot is about robots and robots aren’t known for dramatic displays of anything.  This leads the comic to run a little dry.  True there’s a lot of dramatic action, at one point the raccoon nearly burns down a forest with his laser vision, yes he has laser vision, but when it’s all being acted out by characters with blank faces it creates a certain distance for the reader.  The cool part is that the comic seems to know about this and does its best to compensate.  True the comic isn’t always clear.  There are plenty of pages that can be interpreted a million different ways, none of which make sense with what’s been going on.  Still this is a really interesting book doing something different and it works or often than not so I suggest you all check it out.

This little artistic experiment is done by Diana Nock which may ring a bell for some as her work has graced the pages of IDW’s Womanthology.

The Intrepid Girlbot updates on Tuesdays.


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