Summer Madness

Well March and March Madness is over. Though a nerd, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to gamble and feel like I could predict the future. Needless to say my predicting skills outside the nerdy realm lack much to be desired. However with all the madness and craze with people assembling brackets for not only NCAA, but all sorts of other things (Hell, South Park did their own to much hilarity). The point being, I have spent the last few weeks trying assembling a project that I think my audience will enjoy.

To give a little back-story  I was a late bloomer to the social media craze. I got a Facebook well after all of my friends and school mates (the summer after I graduated High School). Part of the reason was to carry on a high school favorite among my friends and teachers, which was super hero brackets. Both of my initial tournaments gained quite a bit of notoriety and held quite the following. My massive 64 candidate DC tournament saw Captain Marvel (Shazam) win out above all others, while the follow up Marvel tournament saw Doctor Strange narrowly claim victory.

Fast forward 4 years and we get to now. I have assembled 24 DC and Marvel characters who all represent the current status quo of their respective universes. Additionally, to spice things up and truly make this a unique experience, MoreFunTravis, the Writing Writer, and I worked to select 16 popular heroes from across the rest of the industry to compete in this tournament.

So with the help of the Ravingnerd Crew, we are going to be hosting our own Super Hero Bracket!

Within the course of the weekend, we will seed and generate a bracket for the 64 contestants in the tournament. And hopefully we can started by the end of next week!

What we need from you: If this sounds interesting to any of you active readers, this will operate much similar to Marvel VS DC Monday’s. While inner universe battles (i.e. Superman VS Batman) will be easy to do, things will get tricky when universes clash (i.e. Witchblade VS The Flash). That being said, the only way we can try to prevent bias’ for characters is to have people comment with a well thought out argument as to why said character would won. Feel free to pull from any in continuity story to help suggest why said character claims the victory.

The Variables: While not my intention to make an insane amount of rules, my hope is by setting the guidelines now, we will have less hurtles next week. The battles will all take place in an arena. For sake of the tournament, the characters will not be able to leave the arena during the battles.

How a character wins: A character wins when they get a majority vote within the alloted time for the battle. A tie breaker has been added within the bracketing system. Any one of the Ravingnerd Crew has the right to disqualify a vote, and the one who made the comment will be informed as to why it was removed.

This is for FUN!: This is meant to be fun and get some interaction from readers across the board.

I’ll post later this weekend with all of our candidates. We’ve got a good batch of characters from all across the medium. But naturally, deserving candidates didn’t make it in, and there really is no reason for it other than space.

We are investing in this, and are going to see it to it’s conclusion. However, we would all love if some of you readers chime in too!

Until the next time,


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