Calling the Bat

Now that I have officially read everything in that came out yesterday I feel I need to comment on a select few titles that came out yesterday. The two biggest points I need to talk about are Batman and Red Robin and Batgirl. Both of which had many great moments, but were marred in my mind by certain aspects of each issue. Let me outline my thoughts on the two

Batman and Red Robin: Again, one of the best issues in recent memories, but it -presented an escape button for the Bat-Franchise. It offered a Robin. Not two months after the untimely demise of Damian, and DC felt fit to introduce a candidate who has a massive claim to the role of Robin. Carrie Kelly. While her first appearance in the DC Universe proper, Tomasi has stated that she will appear “well past” this one issue. What exactly are the plans for her? At this point it seems likely that she has to be Robin. They even teased her in a Robin costume (she was at a costume party). While cute, here age is ambiguous. She at times appears childlike, but it is suggested that she’s actually a college student. This only serves to further the incredibly awkward gender scenario within The Dark Knight Returns, and takes the DC Universe much closer to making this ominous and terrifying future a reality. I am fine with Carrie Kelly, but there is a time and place for everything. And that’s Frank Miller. Not main stream DC Universe.

Batgirl: Once again, a great series that has easily been one of my favorites. Yet yesterday dealt a huge blow to not only the character, but myself. As I study comic books academically (yes, you can do that). I have found my preferences for super heroes refined. One of the major qualifications by many academics is a “no kill code” as you can imagine the amount of heroes that don’t use lethal force is incredibly small. The Bat-Family has been a pinnacle of this ideal. Dark brooding vigilantes and yet only Batwoman and Jason Todd murder people. The latter is an anti hero at best and a villain at worst. Yet this week a character unmarred by the use of lethal force was forced to resort to it. Batgirl. Yes, the reasons why were just, but she did it. She killed her psychopathic brother, James Jr. Again it was necessary for her mothers safety, but as a hero who has spent nearly 60 years of history undermines her integrity and her status as a hero. I’ll keep reading the book because I love Bab’s and I love Gail Simone, but I can’t help but wishing the story went another way. Perhaps that’s because I love the character so much, or perhaps that’s because I’m stuck in academia. But that’s for someone else to judge.

What are your thoughts on these two?

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4 thoughts on “Calling the Bat

  1. i think it was when james said that he’ll always be there to hurt her,her mom,her dad and her roomie that he may have possibly twisted into her own version of the joker you could lock him up but he would continually escape and hurt the people she loves so she killed him something batman would never do.

    i think we will see the ramifications of her decision in the upcoming batgirl issues or in the batman and batgirl issue in 2 months time, But i see it as even more terrifying for batman they have abandoned him after death of the family and now his bats could be abandoning the code he clings to so dearly

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