Alright internet it’s time for some more Web Comics Info.  Today I’ll be introducing you guys to Lackadaisy.


What do you get when you mix Prohibition Louisiana, Bootleggers, anthropomorphic cats, and a whole lot of sepia tone?  You get awesome is what you get!  That awesome is called Lackadaisy.

Lackadaisy is about a once prominent speakeasy in St. Louis and the skeleton crew that is still trying to keep the old girl running.  The crew is a veritable who’s-who of questionably legal entrepreneurs   You’ve got the purveyor, Mitzi May, a femme-fatal trying to keep her late husband’s dying legacy afloat, the old, angry Russian, Victor Vasko, who’s seen too much and lost even more, The bright eyed, bushy tailed rooky, Rocky Rickaby, whose in love with the idea of being a rum runner, his reluctant parther/cousin, Calvin “Freckle” Mcmurray, the innocent bystander in over her head, Ivy Pepper, and much more.

The comic strikes that rare balance between humor and tension.  Rocky and Freckle get into some crazy hijinks trying to get devil juice to the thirsty people of St. Louis.  Yet rum running was a dangerous business and the comic doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of the Prohibition.  People die, get betrayed, and thrown down darker and darker paths.  The comic is a well crafted roller coaster making you laugh and sucking you in at the exact right moments.  The art isn’t too bad either.

The only draw back to this book is the update schedule.  The artist, Tracy Butler, does this comic as well as a full time job so her life is understandably divided.  That being said, this book is worth the wait and when Tracy updates she really updates.  The last update was about two months worth of material so it was well worth the wait.

If you guys like what you see you can find the first volume of the comic here along with some other cool stuff.


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