About to Jump on the Bandwagon

Hello everyone! While my normal post scheduled today has been moved to another date, I am deciding to announce something new.

As you know, my pull list is primarily comprised of DC comics, Dynamite Pulp heroes, a select few Marvel NOW titles, and the bigger Image titles (minus Walking Dead). In an effort to expand my horizons, I am inviting anyone willing to suggest a current comic series for me to read. I will take the suggestions, and go as far into that comic as I can. Upon completing an arc or so, I will then post my thoughts of the series. My hope is to not only expand past the comics I read, but to hopefully interact with any of my readers out their. All current comics are on the table, even those I have dropped. I want to know what titles you like best and why.

To conclude, here is a list of my pulls.

Batman and Robin
Batman Incorporated
Detective Comics
Earth 2
East of West
Green Arrow (thanks to Lemire)
Green Hornet
Green Lantern
Indestructible Hulk
Justice League
Justice League Dark (thanks again Lemire)
Justice League of America
Justice League of America’s VIbe
Manhattan Projects
New Avengers
Phantom Stranger
Star Wars
Sword of Sorcery
The Shadow
Uncanny X-Men
Wonder Woman
Young Avengers

Now if something is missing from this list, give me a shout and I’ll do my best to pick up a decent chunk of the series to sink my teeth into. I’ll go for just about anything, as long as I can access it easily. I hope to hear back from you all, and can’t wait to start my journey. Who knows, maybe I’ll even jump on the bandwagon?

Until the next time,


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I am Ravingnerd. I have returned to this blog after an extensive absences. I lost the passion for quite some time. However recently got the urge to start this back up. Join me as I discuss, Comics, Star Trek, Civilization, and much more!

3 thoughts on “About to Jump on the Bandwagon

  1. “I am inviting anyone willing to suggest a current comic series for me to read.” I do suggest you to read Katana. Most of miss Nocenti’s works are awful, so you may think I’m joking: to make you understand that I’m serious, I’ll tell you what went on in the first 2 issues.
    There is a gang (probably related to an oriental cult) which goes after Katana and fights her (probably to rob her sword). Katana becomes friend with a member of that gang, and persuades him to become her mole.
    He brings her to a meeting of the whole gang, and you tell yourself: “Now Katana will pretend to be his girlfriend, and listen to what they’re saying in order to get as many informations as possible.” Miss Nocenti decided to follow a less expected path: during that meeting, Katana immediately reveals her identity, and this leads to an action packed scene.
    At the end of that scene, Katana is the winner, of course, and you tell yourself “Now the leader of the gang will say something like “I’ll take my revenge”.” For the second time, miss Nocenti chooses to go in a less expected direction: the leader asks Katana to join the gang! And, even more surprisingly, she says yes, because, as she says in a thought bubble, “I will consider getting close to my enemy, but only to kill him.” FANTASTIC!!! Until now, this is a 5 stars series.

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