Ravingnerd Reviews: Age of Ultron #4

Once again we get another installment of what could be Marvel’s worst event. While I don’t take those words lightly, this is easily one of the most underwhelming events to come out of the House of Ideas in the past 5 years. While not over, this story has progressed slowly and without a sense of purpose. Despite this, I keep buying it because I’m a sucker. With issue 3 achieving a “decent” ranking with a 6, I had to see if issue 4 could raise the stakes more. Here is what I liked:

1. We get a little bit of explanation from Vision as to what’s going on.
2. Emma references Avengers VS X-Men, which is the first indicator that this is happening “now”.
3. The Savage Land remained untouched, which seems fitting.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 5

While this issue makes great strides to try to correct some of the earlier problems I have cited with this event, it adds two more things I can’t condone. First is the survivors lack of reaction to the nuclear explosion that rocks New York as they are leaving. Yes the world has ended, but a nuclear explosion is a big deal. They should have at least been curious as to why it happened.

The next is the death toll. This comic is coming dangerously close to the Ultimate Marvel event Ultimatum (or Ultimate Mess). In which nearly half of that continuities characters are killed off within four issues. Four issues. While not to the same extreme, Age of Ultron barely avoids this by killing off half their universe off panel before the event started. However, within the pages, we have already seen 5 significant deaths. One of which came at the hands of another survivor. This gleeful killing and writing off of characters is exactly what made Ultimatum the worst event of the last decade. The only thing that would save Age of Ultron from the same fate is the fact that we get a reset button. This obviously isn’t going to have to much to do with the rest of the Marvel Universe as this is clearly not happening “now” or is retroactively erased at the end (like every season of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who). The chance to erase the damage is the only thing that will save this comic from permanently damaging Marvel and their reputation for events.

Four issues in and I have yet to be inspired by this series. It has only made winning me over harder. Where do you stand, have you been won over by Age of Ultron? Or is your interest waning?

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