Ravingnerd Reviews: Age of Ultron #3

We are now three issues into one of the most underwhelming event comics I’ve ever read. This comic has been slow, by every sense of the term. The pacing has been slow, the action has been incredibly slow, and there has still been little to no explanation as to what happened, aside from “Ultron won”. I think we all gathered that. The writing has felt off, and the early focus on a clearly not Superior Spider-Man made everyone question whether this was really happening NOW. The second issue had some improvement though, so I had hopes that the third one would as well. Here is what I liked:

1. Shit finally happens.
2. The twist at the end genuinely caught me off guard.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 6

This comic is still just barely good. Not taking the extra step into above average status, just barely managing to hold on to it’s good status. My two biggest complaints have still yet to be addressed. We still don’t know anything more than Ultron won (and the twist makes us ponder that much), for an event comic there has been very little set up and explanation. BMB seems to expect everyone to blindly hop aboard the ride, without questioning how these characters got thrust into the place they are now. It feels like Rotworld would feel if you didn’t have the 12 issues of set up before hand. The concept is still appealing, but the novelty is quickly wearing off. The next big complaint is that they still haven’t proven that this is set within the Marvel NOWniverse. Yes Superior Spider-Man is getting a tie in issue, but if you look at this series as a whole, he definitely feels like classic Peter Parker. Furthermore, characters like Emma Frost appear to be in full control of their powers which  would mean that last years AvX hasn’t happened yet. More to that, when Emma was mourning Scott, no one said anything. Doesn’t the Marvel Universe hate Scott? Shouldn’t Hawkeye have at least said something snarky?

The concept of this story compelled me to read it, and I’ll stick around to see how the twist plays out. But it is more out of anticipation. I don’t think that this story will ever have the groundbreaking moment I need to fully enjoy the series, but Marvel doesn’t need me to like the series. Just to buy it. Has anyone initially hesitant been won over? Are my judgement off base? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Until the next time,



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