Marvel VS DC Monday’s #6

Well, last week got of to a slow start, and as such we had only a minimal amount of votes, which meant that DC handily won the second week of March with a 4-2 victory over their Marvel counterparts. Now both companies had massive weeks last week, and I’ll admit that Marvel put out some top notch books, but DC did a much better job, and I’m here to prove why. While More Fun Travis is here to spread lies and slander about his beloved “House of Ideas”. This battle is personal folks, and only you can choose which one of us has bragging rights and purchases the next round of drinks!

1. Justice League of America #2- Not only did DC keep the momentum from their huge #1 release, but they made it better. This book was action packed, hilarious, and offered the coolest J’onn I’ve seen this side of the New 52. Don’t believe me? Read my review here and start believing.

2. Justice League of America’s Vibe #2- Hot damn this book keep surprising. I praised the high hell out of issue #1, and while this week it didn’t exactly overshadow it’s counterpart title, it did nothing but keep the momentum going. Vibe is still coming into his own, and unlike Marvel’s other young heroes coming into their own *cough Billy Bratson* (spelling intended, because I’m clever), Paco has a definite sense of right and wrong. He has inner demons, but keeps this personal. He is far from arrogant, and that’s a nice change pace. Additionally, Agent Gunn just feels cool. While he seems like a rip off of Nick Fury, he definitely serves as the Agent Coulson of the DC Universe. He’s mysterious, oddly cool, and that’s all you really need to keep you interesting. Furthermore, more hints that the return of the classic and infamous Justice League Detroit is coming. With Gypsy taking a more center approach this issue. Wait, Gypsy you say? Yup, did ya’ll not read issue #1 like I recommended? Shame on you. This book is quiet in comparison to the big leaguers, but is definitely a huge part of the DC Universe and integral to the New 52.

3. Justice League #18- Not to be overshadowed by the newer models, Justice League manages to entertain even when in filler mode. This issue see’s the culmination to the events set in place during Throne of Atlantis, with multiple heroes being screened for membership in the expanded Justice League. Many turn it down (Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Nightwing). While many are quite excited at the idea of being in the Justice League, namely Firestorm and Element Woman. We see the first part of the Metal Men with Platinum, a broke and down on his luck Will Magnus, the feisty new Goldrush, and the introduction of the Latina American Atom. All of this culminates with the addition of three new members that is sure to have a great impact on the title as DC marches towards Trinity war.

4. Constantine #1- And that’s all I have to say about that.

5.Wonder Woman: #18- The big moment is finally here. The moment this story has been building too since issue #12. The rescue of Zola’s baby…… or not. While both Akins and Chiang were off this week, the guest artists do their best to help this book run correctly. Paired with Azzarello’s epic story, this comic is the culmination of much effort. But don’t let this fool you. The story is far from over, War definitely has some tricks up his sleeve, the escape from Hades was much too easy, and the small fact that the baby Zola’s holding at the the end might not be her baby. There is much drama to be had still, and mysteries are only growing bigger. This is definitely a Wonder Woman story for the ages. And if you are not reading it, then you are definitely missing out.

On a side note, Mark Waid’s Indestructible Hulk fell to all-time lows this week. I have not been more disappointed about a single issue comic in weeks. Knowing that the artist and direction are being benched temporarily only makes it worse. A week sendoff to the end of the first arc, and no excitement leading into the next arc.

Now it is time for More Fun Travis to twist words and use his wiles to persuade you to the darker half. Stay true, and stay blue my friends.

I will be completely honest here friends – I really wanted to cheat and tell you all the neither Marvel nor DC won this week and instead use this as a platform to proclaim the greatness that is Brian K. Vaughan’s Private Eye and Saga.  But, I’m an honest guy and a loyal Marvel Zombie to boot.  So here, with my typical panache, is why even in a week where the indie side of comics blew me out of my chair… those merry Marvel books made this comic geek’s heart flutter!

1.) Captain America # 5 – Hot damn!  I have been saying for a while now that Remender’s take on Cap has been a lot of sci-fi/pulpy fun, but I never had a knock-out issue to point to.  Until now. Holy smokes!  You guys wanna know what old school Captain America was like?  This is it.  Goofy, wacky, out there adventures that highlight that even in space and alternate dimensions Cap is the epitome of a super hero.  I love the seemingly endless torrential rain-storm that back drops this issue.  I love the throw-back, Kirby-esque feeling of the art that is complimented by the nostalgic narration throughout.  But most of all, I love the presentation of Cap.  I love that Remender’s take on the character is here to stay and nothing like the Cap that Brubaker so ultimately defined in his run on the title.

2.) Nova # 2 – Charming.  That is the one word I can think of to describe this book.  Absolutely charming.  I commented last go around on how much I enjoy the youth and liveliness of this book, and I can only reiterate that sentiment here.  This a book that feels like it is aimed at completely new crowd of Marvel readership and I am so onboard with those goals.  I foresee Jeph Loeb’s triumphant return to quality super hero comics reaching a large swath of readers and impressing a whole new generation of soon to be Marvel Zombies.  And come on, Rocket Racoon?  How can you not love Rocket Racoon.

3.) All New X-Men #9 – How can I still be excited about this book?  How can, week after week, I pick up this title and still be bathed in a warm sense of nostalgia and at the same time refreshed by a cool wave on innovation and ingenuity?  To be honest, I am not sure.  But every issue, including this one, strikes a chord with me and leaves me the happiest X-Men fan on the planet.  Issue nine marks the return of Stuart Immonen to the title, and reminds us all how lucky we are with this book.  To make a one-to-one comparison I love DC’s Wonder Woman.  It has been one of my favorite titles from the Dreaded Competition for the last year and a half.  However, whenever its all-star artist, Cliff Chiang leaves the book – I get bored.  The quality diminishes.  This week’s issue of All New X-Men reminded me just how good this book is – even with out its headline artist!  It was good to have Immonen back, don’t get me wrong, but his return did not improve the already stellar quality of the comic.  All New X-Men continues to have the best characterization in any capes and tights book on the market, and for that, ANXM should win Marvel the contest every time it hits shelves.

4.)  Avengers #8 & New Avengers #4 – Ravingnerd will back me up on this one, but for a long time, I would vocally complain about how much I hated picking up Avengers and New Avengers when they came out.  The titles had gotten stale and there was just no excitement from this lifelong Avenger fan to pick up either title.  This week, I was finally, finally, excited to be an Avengers fan again.  I was excited to read both books and instead of languishing on the bottom of my “to read” stack, they were quickly read and enjoyed.  I love that Marvel is going back to the drawing board a bit with the Avengers section of its universe and telling these gigantic cosmic epics.  Instead of wasting our time with Norman Osborn and villains that don’t deserve the Avengers’ attention – we’re once again fighting off the ultimate destruction of all life!  This is exactly what these two titles need to be.

Now that you’ve heard from both of us, it is up to you to pick a winner! Vote here, on Twitter, on the Facebook page (drop us a like if you haven’t), and even on Tumblr! With so many ways to vote, it is your nerdy duty to do so!

Until the next time,

Ravingnerd & MoreFunTravis


7 thoughts on “Marvel VS DC Monday’s #6

  1. DC had just an amazing week, giving it the win for me. I enjoyed every issue I picked up, which I cannot say for Marvel.

  2. I usually don’t vote (mainly because I get sidetracked) but DC kicked some major ass this week. I loved JLA and JL proper, even if in filler mode. I always love when I get a little comedic relief out of my comic books.

    • I do too! Both JLA and Justice League had just the right dash of filler. Not ridiculous, just reactional and situational humor. Which is something most comics need just a dash more of.

      • oh most definitely. I feel that putting humor into your comics from time to time help to contrast the dark times to make them a bit more dramatic.

  3. I seemed to have missed a week. My vote goes for Marvel for Daredevil and Mark Waid’s fantastic storytelling. JLA was solid with the Hawkman/Vibe interaction being pure gold. But it doesn’t stand up to, “Hey look! It’s Red Batman!”

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