Web.Comics.Info-Ava’s Demon

Sup internet!  The Writing Writer with your weekly Web.Comics.Info.  This week I’m going to look at Ava’s Demon.

Ava’s Demon is a space opera about a young girl, Ava, the spirit possessing her, a mouthy teenage girl with plant powers, some random dude who saved them both when their planet was destroyed, some blue dude who want to be a doctor, his spirit, and a rampaging space god/religion. I’m not sure what to make of this comic because of two things.  It’s relatively new so there isn’t much of it compared to most web comics and the comic is constructed with one panel pages and it updates only on Thursdays.  This creates a few problems, the most prominent being it keeps the pacing very, very slow.

This is clearly meant to be a wide spanning epic that creates with a rich history and compelling characters and narrative, which is entirely possible.  I expect to be blown away by this comic when there’s enough of it.  Yet, you need time to build your world and its context. Shows like Firefly or Star Wars are so engaging because they allow the audience to experience the context of their stories.  We get to see their cultures, political struggles, even their economies all the while experiencing amazing stories.  Ava’s Demon keeps referencing some sort of massive world, but the book has been out for almost a year and it’s barely into it’s first act.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great comic.  It’s one of the best looking web comics I’ve ever seen and I don’t say this lightly.  Every page is just gorgeous and worth the wait.  The comic also does my favorite thing about web comics and that it really uses the internet as a medium.  There’s a ton of cool stuff comics can do on the internet; using the address bar help tell the story or turning it into full blown motion comic.  Ava’s Demon uses simple flash slideshows to add to key moments in the narrative.  It’s also well written.  The cast feels distinct and well constructed and, like I said, there’s been little to no world building or even plot progression and yet I’m still reading and I’m still excited to see where this comic goes.

My suggestion, read it in chunks.  Let a few weeks go by before you check in so there’s some feeling of progression.  Or you could just wait one a week and, you know, torture yourself.

Ava’s Demon is done by Michelle Czajkowski

Till next time I’m The Writing Writer.


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