Affirmative Action: The New Action Creative Team

By now we have all gotten over that not only is Andy Diggle leaving Action after only one issue, but that Tony S. Daniel is leaving after just three. I was stunned to see two of comics’ more talented creators leave such a high profile gig, especially this soon after inheriting the book.

DC now has a huge problem. Action Comics has long been the standout Superman book in the New 52. The Superman title has struggled to find footing, and is only now starting to feel like a decent book. With the next three months of Action being thrust into such turmoil, we are free as fans to speculate who will hop on board next. I have collected the 5 writers and 5 artists I think are most likely to hop aboard the book. This isn’t necessarily who I want to see on the book, but more who I expect we could see.

First off I think Peter J. Tomasi has a shot at the book. With his run on GLC ending, and his critically acclaimed Batman and Robin continuing without Robin, Tomasi not only has the free time but the skill to handle the job. Writing Superman is tremendous, but Tomasi not only made even the hardest of Damian cynics fall in love with Damian, but weaved an intelligent and involving story through the Lantern-verse.

For good or bad Justin Jordan is here to stay. While his DC titles up until now have included the doomed Team 7 and Deathstroke, Jordan is a talented and creative writer. His Luthor Strode series’ at Image are quite well done. Jordan will now be taking over Superboy, is it too far fetched to think that Jordan will also be handed Action? Johns writes two Justice Leagues, Lemire three Dark titles, why wouldn’t DC give Jordan the chance to help the Superman family?

Peter Milligan is one of DC’s more veteran writer, and even his hand couldn’t save Stormwatch from falling to obscurity. Not only is his run on Stormwatch ending, but he’ll also be leaving Red Lanterns as well (which he’s helmed since the series launched). Milligan is experienced and incredibly talented. In addition to that, he’d be an extremely stable choice. It would be unlikely for him to drop the book after an issue.

Speaking of picking a stable creative team, why not give Justin Grey and Jimmy Palmiotti the chance to pilot the book. They are a time tested creative power house. Producing not only the successful and enjoyable All-Star Western for the New 52, but just about to take over Batwing. If their plates aren’t full why shouldn’t DC consider this team for Action?

Much like Milligan, Tony Bedard’s run in the lanternverse is coming to an end. This leaves him without an announced title to work on. Bedard has done wonders in New Guardians was involved with Blue Beetle from start to finish. Why not give him a chance at Action? He’s not only a proven writer, but has taken his characters in interesting directions.

Artists are significantly harder to pick out. Just because it seems there are more unheard of artists in the industry than ever before. But five names I do know, and five names I think DC might be considering for the job are.

Patrick Gleason, who like Tomasi, has done wonders with Batman and Robin. Does anyone doubt his ability to render an imposing Man of Steel?
Miguel Sepulveda was everywhere at the launch of the New 52. His art is dynamic and suited for an action packed book.

Another steady hand with quite the history is Dan Jurgans. A DC standby for ages, he could be just the fit for a book that is having as much trouble as it is.

Doug Mahnke has quite the extensive history with cosmic books. With his time on Green Lantern coming to a close, one of DC’s most recognizable artists would be missed. Why not put him on DC’s most recognizable character?

Easily one of the most vivid craftsman and one of my favorite in DC’s pantheon is Aaron Lopresti. With Sword of Sorcery coming to an end, he’ll be free. Putting such a talent on a high profile job would smart for DC and excellent for fans such as myself.

While unlikely, I’d also love to see Jerry Ordway hop aboard the book. Again super unlikely, but I’d kill to have him that high profile.

Again, this is all speculation. I think the writers are most likely, while the artists are bigger named people in DC’s stable with minimal to no work. What are your thoughts? Can DC turn this into something positive?





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