Kicking Aspen: Soulfire 4

I usually hate anything supernatural. That includes magic, witches, demons, etc. If there isn’t some sort of scientific explanation available as to how or why things happen, I don’t dig it. Something in Soulfire piqued my interest though.

SF1-page-001You see, they did something that you don’t see too often. They took magic, and paired it up with science. So now you have cyborgs using magic and dragons attacking modern day cities. The only thing that bugged me about this particular issue is the fact that I hadn’t read the two prior to it. The basic story seemed to be, something had happened to Gracie, and now she is destroying cities around the globe (with dragons) and a team of magic wielders are suiting up to stop her. I’ll definitely be picking up the back issues and seeing where this particular story arc goes. So today, it’s a short and simple preview of good things to come out of Aspen:




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