Under The Radar: Triggergirl 6

This is a bit different review, as instead of reviewing a single issue that came out this week, I’m bringing up a mini series that was released in TPB form. A lot of readers prefer TPB over monthly issues (my wife included) just for the simple fact that you get the entire story in one fell swoop. That’s what we got this week with Images Triggergirl 6:

This story is a great value for the price you pay. For 6 dollars you get another amazing storyline that is creator owned and controlled. The story itself consisted of Triggergirl 6 (pictured above) chasing down the president of the United States. She was born in captivity and bears a striking resemblance to the presidents late mother. The first time she confronts the president, she is unable to pull the trigger, and is instead captured. When interviewed, it is learned that she knows nothing of her past or her creators. Thus begins the hunt for where she is from and why she was created.

8 out of 10

I’ll definitely be on the look out for Palmiotti and Gray in the future. Without spoiling the ending, you are in for a huge (albeit rather liberal) surprise. Take a look!

Ghost Writer

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