Web.Comics.Info-The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Greatings!  The Writing Writer here for your weekly dose of Web.Comics.Info.  Today I’m going to be telling you guys about The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

TADMN is a difficult comic to describe because of just how bizarre it is.  McNinja is an Iris-American Ninja with a 12 year old sidekick who rides a raptor named Yoshi, and a receptionist named Judy.  She’s a gorilla who knows sign language.  This is just a taste of TADMN.  It has zombie Ben Franklin, diseases that turn you into Paul Bunyan, Dracula’s moon laser and much, much more.

This is what makes TADMN so great.  Every chapter is completely different from the last and builds off itself bringing all the craziness together to make just a whole lot of fun.  My favorite thing about TADMN is that it knows when to make a joke and when to tell a story.  It takes its time to build to the punch line and build the world around it rather than going at the speed of a-laugh-at-minute like a lot of comedy web comics.  So in-between laughing your head off, you’re getting sucked into the roller coaster that is The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.

TADMN updated Mon/Wed/Fri and is written and drawn by Christopher Hastings.  If that name sounds familiar to the three marvel people here it’s because Mr. Hastings had a limited run with Deadpool during the Fear Itself event.  So if Ravingnerd ever reads this someone will probably find my body dead….probably in a pool of some kind.

You might call it a DEAD POOL!


Like the comic? You can support Christopher, and snag a copy of his run with Deadpool, over at TopatoCo.


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