Ravingnerd Reviews: Age of Ultron #2

So last week I was rather curt on my feelings for the first issue of AU. I thought it was a train wreck of ideas that would have been hard to swallow before Marvel NOW! and near impossible with Marvel NOW still in its infancy.

The second issue picked up where the last one left off, which is pretty much nowhere. But here is what I liked about the comic.

1. Moon Knight is a survivor and definitely a bad ass.
2. It pays homage to Secret Invasion (a great, and one of my favorite Marvel Events).
3. Black Widow isn’t so pretty.
4. Captain America gets off his ass.

Rating before reading: 5
Rating after reading: 6

This comic was a step in the right direction. While post apocalyptic themed things are thrilling, I am definitely most excited by the how the world gets destroyed part, and not the who survives. So perhaps some of my criticism of the first issue is not getting to see all the carnage and terror that Ultron obviously wrought. While this didn’t do much to remedy that, it did a great job at illustrating how isolated the characters are. And how terrified they are. While Peter Parker is still definitely Peter Parker and not Octavious, Hawkeye, Widow, and even Cap have tremendous character moments.

The huge problem is that nothing has happened yet. And more to the point, nothing has been explained. The comic is going somewhere, but a future isn’t much good if we don’t know where it is now nor where it came from, is it? So I’ll keep reading it, but it is currently not because I enjoy it. It has definite potential, but I am really having a hard time with it.

How have you liked it so far?

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2 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Age of Ultron #2

  1. I’m trying VERY hard to enjoy the story for what it is but it’s difficult to ignore that this was clearly written and drawn before the events of Marvel NOW were even conceived. I’m very much a story first, continuity later kind of guy but this is a stretch for me. How is this supposed to be happening “today” when none of the elements of Marvel’s “today” are even in place? I could ignore everything (including pre New x-men Beast and Storms hair suddenly growing back) but Spider-Man clearly being Peter is a huge distraction. I mean, couldn’t they have just tweaked his dialogue a bit? Of course, this could all just be a part of the story so, like you, I’m still on board even with the continuity “errors” and weak (and almost boring) story so far.

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