The Status Quo

I know it is monday, but the day slipped away from both MoreFunTravis and I. I hope that my thoughts on today’s news entertain you, and you’ll join us tomorrow for Marvel VS DC Monday’s (on Tuesday).

Anyone with access to the internet and at least a passive interest of Batman comics heard that Snyder’s next big Bat arc would actually be set in the Past we already had a “Zero Month” and this will be called Zero Year. One thing of importance to note is that it is likely to still feature the Riddler as the main villain, meaning he would become Batman’s first huge foe. Snyder will not be stepping on the toes of Batman: Year One or anything like that, instead he will be telling his own story set within those parameters. The shift this series is making marks two massive Status Quo shifts for the New 52.

The first is that of addressing continuity. By going back to a time before Robins, Snyder has the ability to pin point exactly what happened between then and now. He can leave threads of a stories that really thread the Batman Universe back together. If Batman, the biggest seller in DC’s arsenal can make the switch to the past to address continuity, other titles and creators could follow. June will now not only feature Batman in the past, but the Batman/Superman (listed as a Superman title?) will also be set in the past as well. This leaves tremendous room for questions to be answered and for the New 52 to get some much needed continuity reinforcement.

On friday the sales for February were released, along side Batman, Justice League, and JLA, Detective Comics managed to place yet another month. Especially important to note as it was not billed as a Death of the Family tie in. This means that Layman and Fabok are getting the press they need for their monumental story building. With Snyder rooted in the past, the leader of the Bat-Family can switch, and it looks like Detectives is poised to take the throne as most important and influential Bat title. DC now has the chance to not only produce we high quality and high sales story in Snyder and Capullo, but test the waters with a Bat-Family crossover led and helmed by someone other than Snyder. This leads to very intriguing and exciting possibilites.

Thoughts on the Bat line? Excited for Year Zero? Want another non Snyder Bat-Event? Let me know!

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One thought on “The Status Quo

  1. I am very excited for Snyder’s Zero Year but for different reason’s than most. With the length of the story, I want to read this in a collected format. I might drop Batman for these 11 issues and allow the $4 to go to another book that may be struggling. I’m sure the series will be great. Detective Comics has been my favorite Bat book ever since Laymon came on board and I am glad to see his book receive the push it deserves. It has been fantastic and I really look forward to the book each and every month.

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