Under The Radar: SEX #1

Let’s be honest folks, Sex sells.

Another creator owned story out of Image Comics, writer Joe Casey brings us Sex, a story of a superhero returning to his homefront after a hiatus to find it drenched in the evil he helped rid it of. This first issue of a Very Graphic Novel follows Mr. Cooke (read Mr. Wayne) on his first trek back into Saturn City (read Gotham City) and his return to Cooke Company (read Wayne Enterprises).

We don’t learn much about the lead character in this issue, other than the fact that he is a handsome, brooding billionaire who once spent his free time fighting crime (Sound like anyone you know?). What this issue does bring to the table that other series seem to shy away from is the sexual side of super heroes. Part of his town has turned into a red light district and he visits one of the many peep shows (I’m assuming for “research”…) which we get a 3-4 graphic pages seeing what he sees. But seriously, this is just a XXX version of Batman. We even meet Shadow Lynx, a very convincing remake of Catwoman. Let’s try and be a little bit more original in our #1. Overall, I’d have to give it a:

7 out of 10

This book does two of the three things a #1 needs to do in order for it to be a superb #1. Those two things are entice readers to pick it up (Sex really does sell… I picked up the last copy at my store an hour after they opened), and provide a back story. Where this comic lacked was in the beginning of an actual plot line. I understand that a new “universe” requires a bit more back story, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a page or two in to kickstart the plot. I deducted a couple of points for the lack of plot line, but I’d still be interested to pick up #2 if I didn’t already read Batman in multiple story lines every month. So if you hate DC, but are a closet fan of Bats, give this one a go, you hipster.

Ghost Writer

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