Ravingnerd Reviews: Age of Ultron #1

While I initially wanted to stay away, I was offered a digital code for it from MoreFunTravis. It has been a long time since I’ve been invovled with an entire Marvel Crisis, but I’ll stick with it to the end. Just for shits and giggles, and its free for me. So I will journey into the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe, just for you dear readers. So before I get any further, here is what I liked about the jumping on point into the crisis.

1. I’ve always enjoyed Ultron. It’s been hard for me to resist his character.
2. The Hawkguy series has really made me enjoy Hawkeye, it was refreshing to see him in this scenario.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 5

This was one of the most unorganized and disappointing things I have ever read. With all the hype it had been getting, I had expected a monumental opening. This in no way felt like a good opening. There was no explanation for what happened, we woke up and the Marvel Universe was completely different. No explanation at all. That was both unsettling, and to me, screamed poor story structure. I would have expected something better from a story with as much press as this.

The fact that we were instantly thrust into it screams gimmick to me as well. While it says the universe is at stake, I have a hard time believing that much of anything will last from this event. It seems like a self contained story. Which would be fine, if it wasn’t hyped as the Marvel event of the year (up until Infinity was announced) then I would be fairly satisfied.

My next complaint comes with the fact that this story doesn’t appear tailored for Marvel NOW! in the slightest. This story certainly isn’t happening “now”. And there are many indicators. The Spider-Man certainly isn’t acting like Superior Spidey. Unless Otto has gotten better at pretending to be Peter, this definitely feels like Peter Parker. Also, I’m fairly certain the Fantastic Four are off wandering the cosmos. Not huddled into an underground bunker. More to the point, Emma Frost seems to be fully recovered. Either that or she hasn’t lost control of her powers because AvX hadn’t been conceived of when this was written. People complain that continuity is off with the DC Universe, this story screams continuity problems. Probably because this was written 2 years ago. This screams Bendis era Avengers, and there is a reason I don’t read most of Bendis’ work.

This comic was not only disappointing, but confusing. It feels like a marketing ploy and nothing more. If the story had to be published, I would have much rather seen it amended to fit within the confines of Marvel NOW! It is certainly being billed as such, but in no way appears that way. This book will have to get a whole lot better, and whole lot more relevant for me to enjoy it. Only time can tell if this is the first major hurtle for Marvel NOW!, or if this is a relic from Marvel THEN.

Until the next time, Perish or Submit, or whatever the cover says.




3 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Age of Ultron #1

  1. I am tired of events. I skipped this for that very reason. I’m not sure on Trinity War but it’s very likely I will skip it as well.

    • I’m to much of a DC junkie to skip Trinity War, but I will definitely not be buying any more Age of Ultron. I like Hickman enough, so depending on how Infinity looks I may hop aboard that. But that looks to be Thanos heavy, and I want no part of that.

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