Kicking Aspen: Legend of the Shadow Clan #2

Today we bring you an early look at Legend of the Shadow Clan as we explore the latest and greatest comics from Aspen Comics! You may remember my review of the first comic book here. After that review, Aspen reached out to us and offered us an early look at their future releases so that we can bring you, the RavingNerd Readers, a first look into everything Aspen. If you didn’t pick up issue #1, I recommend going to your shop on Wednesday and finding a back issue of it (if there are any) or picking it up digitally. Even if you don’t, issue #2 provides you with a nice recap to cover what you missed.

Alot of times, #2’s will end up taking a step in the wrong direction after a killer #1. That was not the case however with LOTSC #2. We see more about the antagonist of the story, Koji-San. He is seen below disciplining the members of the botched assassination in #1:

LOC2-page-001 LOC1-page-001

Koji-San begins planning what to do with the Himura family, whose individual personalities we begin to learn about, the three children in particular. We have Brayden, the older brother who is a bit of a troublemaker, Morgan, the responsible honor student sister, and (my personal favorite) Pogo, the youngest of the three with an analytical sense and a knack for electronics. We’ve yet to learn much about the mother, but with Richard Himura’s run in with assassins last month, and Brayden’s bravery showcased in this issue, one can only assume that the Himura family will be a force to be reckoned with.

LOC3-page-001All in all, this is a superb issue well worth the cover price. I’m only upset that I have to drop something from my pull list in order to make room for this series. If this is any indication of the rest of Aspen’s upcoming line up, we are all going to be in for a real treat. This series has great potential and I believe it will end up being a great addition to anyone’s pull list.

Until the next time folks, keep Kicking Aspen!

Ghost Writer


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