Under The Radar: Five Weapons #1

In a time of many dark comic books, I am always on the look out for a bit of a lighter/humorous series. That is exactly what I found in Five Weapons. This book is published by Shadow Line (a sub-company of Image) and is an absolutely hysterical read.

This book follows the son of an elite assassin as he starts at a new school for teenage assassins-to-be. He gains immediate notoriety from his family lineage and begins to attract attention he doesn’t necessarily want. At this point though, he doesn’t seem to want to fight physically and instead uses his wit and attentiveness (think a young Sherlock) to outsmart the other students (and faculty). This book has the feel like “Kick-Ass” except in an X-Men Academy type of environment. I’d definitely give this issue a solid:

8 out of 10

Jimmie Robinson, a relatively small name in comics, delivered in a big way with this book. Considering that this is a finite story of 5 issues, I most definitely look forward to reading through the entire story. I’ll also keep my eye out for any other Jimmie Robinson comics in the future, especially considering he seems to gravitate towards Image Comics.

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