DC Nation: The Final Tour #1

My good friend Morgan did us the pleasure of writing up reviews for DC Nation. With the block airing very soon, I thought I’d post her rather brilliant take on last week for you all to enjoy and to catch you up on last weeks events!

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

(Or, as I like to call it, Green Lantern: This Is Why You Don’t Dump Your Robot Girlfriend.)

Previously on Green Lantern: Aya-Monitor busted into Zamaron, home of the Sexy Lanterns, and decided to hold a cage match of Love versus Hate. Love won out because, and I kid you not, a Star Sapphire’s greatest power is apparently teleporting in their love to fight for them. >_> Also Gi’ata did the Noble Sacrifice for Love thing, but Aya-Monitor was like “Been there, he dumped me anyways, peace out bitches~” and left to destroy the universe.

In this episode: The Interceptor crew is trying to search out something that’ll let them hold Aya-Monitor at bay long enough for them to talk some sense into her. Of course the only logical option is going to get the as heretofore unheard of Orange Lantern. I’m sure this won’t end horribly!

This episode’s highlights:

  • Larfleeze!
  • Razer angsts so beautifully~

Since I don’t read the comics, this was my first encounter with Larfleeze. He’s basically like space!Golum, ain’t he? He’s voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, the same voice actor as Appa and Momo from Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I was already prepped to like him. And boy, do I! Larfleeze is adorable, and I wish he could stick around past this one episode. 😦

The main conflict in this episode is that time is running out for the gang to stop Aya-Monitor from destroying the universe, so they’re slowly, painfully making the transition from “We need to save Aya!” to “We need to stop Aya!”, which is kinda heartbreaking to watch. Razer especially has turned the angst up to 11, claiming that since it’s his fault Aya went Dark Side, everything she does now is on his head. That isn’t fair to him, as both Kilowog and Hal point out, but hell if anyone’s gonna stop him angsting anyways. It’s what he does best, after all; the fans don’t call him Space Zuko for nothing. We need Saint Walker to come back and talk some sense into that kid. :/

Ever since Aya went evil, the show seems to be playing a “drama on, drama off” game. Babel was a comical respite that kinda clashed thematically with the previous episode, and while I liked it as its own story, it did seem kind of lackluster following the events of Cold Fury. Then we get Love is a Battlefield, wherein Aya is back and wipes the floor with everybody, but then now Larfleeze, wherein Aya is back to Background Menace position again. It’s like they’re yo-yoing Aya in front of us. Now you see her, now you don’t. :/

While I enjoyed this episode a great deal too, I can’t help but remember that Aya is out there destroying stars while our heroes play around in what is essentially a fanservice episode. They did a good job at the end by equating Hal’s enslavement to the Orange Battery to Aya’s enslavement to her emotionless Antimonitor body, but I really would have enjoyed actually, you know, seeing what Aya’s been up to while the guys make a mess of things without her. (I mean, seriously, have you seen that ship? I’m surprised it’s still flying!)

I really enjoyed this episode (I always really enjoy GLTAS), but I’m starting to get worried about how they’re going to wrap this all up within the next few episodes. Since there’s no second season in sight, this is probably going to be my last glimpse of the Green Lantern universe for a long while, and I’m already starting to miss it. 😦



Young Justice: Invasion

(Or, as I like to call it Young Justice: Nightwing, I Blame You For This Mess.)

Previously on Young Justice: M’gann and Artemis managed to get Kaldur’s brain damage fixed and get M’gann out of Black Manta’s hideout alive– with a little help from Sports Master and Cheshire, who’d broken in to avenge Artemis’ “death.” It was one of the most entertaining episodes I’d seen in a long time, and I think that was mostly thanks to the episode lacking in the “Blue Beetle’s turned evil but somehow no one notices yet” plotline.

In this episode: Things look pretty bad for our heroes. Most of the team was captured by the Reach two episodes ago, leaving Arsenal to his gorilla one-arm one-man fight against all of the Reach and War World itself. Our runaways are also adorable clearly becoming better at using their powers, but obviously anything coming from Lex Luthor is bad news. Now that M’gann is back, she and Nightwing are attempting to locate the rest of the team. It’s times like this that I really wonder, where the hell is the rest of the Justice League?

This episode’s highlights:

  • M’gann and Nightwing’s angst-off
  • The runaways!
  • G. Gordon Godfrey turning anti-Reach

It’s nice to see Nightwing finally admit that this whole mess was his fault! I’ve been bothered by that practically since the season began. It made no sense whatsoever for Nightwing to not tell the team psychic that they had an undercover operative. When M’gann finally brainfried Kaldur, I was over in the corner yelling “Called it FIVE EPISODES AGO!” and was none too happy. :/ I hate it when the main conflict in a series can be surmised as “nobody talks to anyone else,” and it really hurt Nightwing’s credibility to have such a large oversight. He’s supposed to be a great leader, but so far he’s really not showed any of that.

The runaways continue to be my new favorite characters as a group, but individually it’s more varied. I love seeing Static Shock running around in the DCAU again, and I really like that one native American kid’s powers (and the accompanying soundtrack). The Japanese girl… I could take her or leave her, honestly. The best part about her is that I can understand her when she talks, since she’s using very basic Japanese. Then we have wannabe-Nightcrawler to round out the bunch. I don’t have much of an opinion on him other than “Wow, you remind me of a teenaged Spike Spiegel.”

By far my favorite part of the episode was G. Gordon Godfrey finally turning anti-alien. Tim Curry, if you’re going to hate on our heroes, I expect you to keep up that level of vitriol towards everyone else, too. It was a nice moment, and I liked seeing the Reach ambassador flustered.

As far as Young Justice episodes go, this one was middling ground. The balance of “things that I like” to “things that infuriate me” skewed a lot more towards the former. I liked seeing the runaways, but the episode’s focus on them meant that practically everyone else felt like a non-entity, something this show is normally good at avoiding. I am so, so glad Nightwing and M’gan had their little guilt-off; now, can we put this nonsense behind us and get back to the entertaining show I know you can be?

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact her here.

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