Ravingnerd Reviews: Young Avengers #2

If you recall in my review for the first issue, I was unfamiliar with the team and most of the concept. I had always thought it was Marvel’s knock off of Teen Titans. The first issue of the relaunched series proved me wrong, and I was anxiously awaiting the second issue of the series. I was in firm belief that this comic would not only deliver upon the quality of the first issue, but also surpass that quality. Which turned out not to be so true. But before I start, here is what I liked from the second issue of the series.

1. We see much more of Kid Loki, who is the only character I knew going into it, and the only character I knew I was going to like going into it.
2. The innovative use of panels and space for the comic is not only hilarious, but revolutionary as well.
3. Plenty of mystery and intrigue. Which was refreshing and a nice change of pace from what I read.

Rating before reading: 8
Rating after reading: 7

This comic was definitely solid, but definitely took a step backwards. By focusing on only Hulkling and Wiccan and later Kid Loki, the title takes an admittedly slow approach to building a team. We don’t get to see half the cast within this issue, including the characters that need the most development and the characters I wanted to see most.

The innovative use of space and the humor definitely saved this book, but I was disappointed in it. I was so excited for it at the beginning, but it felt like it was missing something. And missing something important.

I am still in love with the series, but I think it’s safe to say the honeymoon period is over for me and this comic.

Are my thoughts completely off base, or do you all agree with me?

Until the next time,



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