Coming Home to Roost


Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I can finally talk about the event I think we all have wanted too and need to talk about. While I managed to experience the story at my own terms, avoiding all spoilers for the issue, I had a pretty strong idea as to what was coming based on the frantic internet reaction the past few days.

Reading the issue only confirms it. Damian Wayne is dead.

I remember when he was introduced, I hated the character. I not only despised the bratty kid that took the place of my favorite Robin, Tim, but that he represented a legacy that I didn’t want to read. However, as the characters grew, and as the story grew, I grew too to appreciate and then love him. Grant Morrison’s original run on Batman and Robin offered the character a bit of humanity. Humanity he’d been lacking. But what really did it was Peter Tomasi’s and Patrick Gleason’s New 52 relaunch of Batman and Robin. Their solid series did nothing but build a meaningful relationship between Damian and Bruce. This relationship led to not only the redemption of Damian, but to the growth that made me love his character.

While myself and the rest of the internet was insistent that this even was going to happen 2 weeks ago in the conclusion in Death of the Family, the real death came today.

I can’t believe that this moment came. Nor can I believe that I’m sad that this moment came. For so long I had hoped for the relief from this character and the story line that I felt was predetermined and thrust upon the Bat family. Now, I see a long going narrative. One that has a definitive start, and a definitive end. And as I argued with MoreFunTravis today at lunch, I believe that definitive narratives are better than any on going narrative. On going narratives are good. But to see something resolve. To see a story start and end. Especially one on this level, a story nearly 7 years in the making. That’s quite a bit of time.

So while the events of the issue rest heavily on my mind, and my heart, I am pleased that I got to see a story play out as beautifully as it did. I know this issue was ugly and terrible, but the overarching narrative of Damian’s story is so much fuller and richer now that it has an ending. As a fan of comics and of the personal journey’s each one of these characters has to take, I’m excited to see a bold and well thought out plot, such as this one, play out.

I understand that I’ve done nothing but post about nonsense. Nonsense you probably don’t care about, but I had to discuss it. Damian is gone. The ending to his story is sad, perhaps most sad because it’s so brief. But in a theatrical sense, tragedy can be beautiful. And I think this story, while still new, will go down as one of the most tragic yet beautiful stories in Batman’s history.

So if anything, this was my attempt at eulogizing Damian. I know I did a piss poor job at, but it’s the least I could do.

Until the next time, Rest in peace Damian



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