3 for 3: DC’s Remaining Mystery Titles

This is a post that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, I was unsure if I was going to get the time to do it tonight, but I am forcing it into my schedule. So lucky you!

Earlier last month it was revealed that DC would be cancelling two titles. Weeks ago, this was amended to 8. That left 8 open gaps in the New 52 line up. Since then we have had 5 come and fill their place. That still leaves room for us to speculate, about three. But first, lets outline the 5 titles that are on their way.

In May we get a revamped Green Team (much to my dismay) and a new original concept called The Movement (written by Gail Simone). The Green Team will focus on a group of Trillionares going out and having shenanigans across the DC Universe. The new concept seems appealing, especially with Baltazar and Franco doing the book together (see Tiny Titans, Superman Family Adventures, etc).

The Movement is much more mysterious and seemingly focuses on a group of people who have become disenfranchised with super heroes. It will feature the return of a benched female character, and will be pretty different from everything on the market now. Other than that it’s a mystery.

Next we get a Larfleeze ongoing from Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins (the team behind Threshold and its back up). Not much needs to be said, as it’s Larfleeze. He’s a funny character embedded in the Green Lantern Universe and the cosmic DC Universe as a whole.

After that it was announced that Greg Pak and Jae Lee would be launching a Batman/Superman team up book. This is notable for being set at the very foundation of the New 52. If that isn’t exciting enough, Pak promised the return of a major DC villain previously unseen in the New 52. So it’s anybody’s guess as to what villain that is (my bets on Ra’s).

Next it was confirmed today that the still untilted Superman series by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee will be launching in June as well, thus we have to include this on the list of new series’ to launch. I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet that it will be titled Man of Steel, the opportunity and rewards are just to great for it not too.

Now that leaves three titles for us to ponder over and think about. I’m here to outline my best guesses on the matter.

It was rumored that DC had a Shadow Cabinet book in the works. This would include Milestone characters, but with no real significant movement or indicators, I think this is a project to come much later, if at all.

I am still a strong advocate for a Red Robin solo. Tim Drake’s redefinition has been one of the biggest disconnects between the New 52 and fans. If DC had the chance to try to market the character and make him more appealing to the group most upset by his new direction and origin. Plus with it’s line of young heroes struggling, the DC Universe could be greatly impacted by a Tim solo.

Now the inevitable. While I have remained unspoiled on the resolution of Batman Incorporated #8, I know for a fact something terrible is coming. And if my guess is right, will lead Harper Row to new heights. Perhaps she’ll pick up the mantle and have her own solo. Would certainly go a long way to define her character, and might make fans hesitant to warm up to her (like myself) enjoy the transition more.

I still am an advocate of WildC.A.T.S, it is only a matter of when and not if. With Team 7 ending, it leaves room for another Wildstorm team to try to hold its own in the DCU. With so many of the characters already being seen in the DCU (Grifter and Voodoo) it would seem logical to try to bring those series’ back. Though they are gone, they lasted a good while. Enough that DC should want to try to attract two franchises worth of fans to a new book.

I’m still hoping for a Cyborg solo. But I am doubting that we’ll get one any time soon. There has been no word nor movement on it, and normally I can detect some movement. We have characters like Katana and Vibe enjoying their own solo titles (both great and deserving of praise), but Cyborg should have had his own series at the beginning of the relaunch. He’s still the most undefined character in the Justice League, which is a problem since he’s the teams seventh member.

These are part prediction and part fan boy hope. What series’ are you hoping to see get the spot light?

Until the next time,




6 thoughts on “3 for 3: DC’s Remaining Mystery Titles

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you on Cyborg. Not only is he the only JLer without his own book but he’s such an interesting character and he’s very much a mystery in the N52 in my opinion. He went from a teen to a superhero in a heartbeat and we haven’t had the chance to see how he developed into a hero. Who were his friends at a time a immense transition in his life? A bunch of superpowered adults? Arsenal suggested there was a Titans-like team in the 5 year gap, but that was very early on in the N52, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they never mention that again, although I’d LOVE it if Nightwing, Starfire, Cy, and Arsenal just fought crime together without a team name. They were just friends, superfriends, if you will. (Don’t judge, you would have gone there too :P) Regardless, a great series could be made of exploring Cyborg’s early years. They could do it with a contemporary story utilizing flashbacks, or just do it all as a flashback.

    I’d LOVE to see a Red Robin book written by someone like Bryan Q. Miller. Someone needs to fix Tim and he could do the job right.

    I’d really like to see the other books you mentioned as well except for WildCATS, but that’s because you couldn’t pay me to care about Wildstorm.

    As for the book I’d like to see more than anything though, I’d have to go with New Gods by Azzarello. You know he wants to do it, why else introduce Orion into WW? I think it would melt our faces off.

    • Brian Q Miller would make a perfect fit for a Red Robin solo series.
      I’d personally love to see Icon or more of Hardware in the New 52. We saw Hardware briefly in Static Shock, bu not anywhere else. A Shadow Cabinet title that unites all these different Milestone heroes into one book would be very nice to see.

  2. A Shazam solo is likely.l Especially because his back-up stories for Justice League are set to end in June. Maybe end his backup story one week with Justice League and give him his own book? Also, there should most likely be a book for the Young Justice Line. It’s down to 2 books and either needs to be discontinued and merged with another line (making room for a new line) or have some more books added.

    • I would love to see a Shazam book, I just don’t know how likely it will be to have one. I’ve been waiting on one for years, and DC has never delivered. And both The Green Team and The Movement fall within the Young Justice line, pushing its numbers up to 4.

      • I thought I saw them being included in a different line. But if that is true then it would certainly help the line. It hasn’t fared as well as any of the other lines.

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