Marvel VS DC Monday’s #3

Hello everyone! Time again for MoreFunTravis and I’s battle of wits to the very end, as weekly we try to persuade you the reader who had the big week in comics.

I, being the highest class of DC fans, will once again prove why DC is poised to make a three-peat victory over Marvel. While MoreFunTravis will attempt to prove that the disorganized mess of Marvel comics can make a legitimate threat.

The first week DC managed a 5-2 win over Marvel, followed by their walloping 7-1 victory over Marvel last week. It is up to you the reader to decide who wins by leaving a comment here, on the Ravingnerd Facebook page, or by replying to the Tweet that broadcasts this. Hell, ya’ can even Tumble it. With so many ways to vote, there’s no reason not to justify why your beloved comic company ruled the week!

Now it is time to dazzle everyone with the amazing might of DC!

1. Justice League of America’s Vibe #1- Aside from being a mouthful, this comic should be enough for DC to win the week alone. It took a character that was long criticized, scorned, laughed at, or even unknown and made him the center of attention for not only readers but the DC Universe as well. The comic was supposed to be a partner comic to Justice League of America, but felt more like JLA was the companion to Vibe this week. That’s solid story telling and innovation. I list many more reasons why Vibe was the best comic of the week on my review.

2. Justice League of America #1- The marriage of a superstar writer and artist always yields good results, this is no different. Geoff Johns is poised to not only renovate many B-list heroes, but is also set to change the very status quo of the Justice League. This team is different, diverse, and capable. It serves as the direct answer to any criticism that the primary Justice League title might be getting. The thought of a new Secret Society is enough to make any DC fan tingle with excitement. What’s more, the book offers the coolest interpretation of characters like Hawkman and Catwoman we’ve seen in the New 52. Don’t believe me, read more on my review, where I go a bit more in depth.

Those two new releases should have been enough reason to prove why the 52 is still New, fresh and exciting. But DC didn’t stop there. Their other on-goings marched forward in brilliant fashion.

3. Justice League #17- The conclusion to Throne of Atlantis was not only exciting, but saw two major status quo shake ups. The resolution of the comic not only made Orm a much more rounded and dynamic villain, but also has Arthur thrust into the role of King of Atlantis. In addition to this, the expansion of the reserve members didn’t just stop with Black Lightning, Hawkman, Firestorm, Black Canary, Zatanna, Element Woman, and Vixen. We also saw the long teased, and very mysterious Atom. Which is definitely a female. We don’t know anything about her yet, but she’s out there and apparently one of the good guy’s. If you hopped off Justice League at any point, Johns has proven why the team is still relevant in the past few issues. Throne of Atlantis change the game, shame if it passed you by.

4. Sword of Sorcery #5- While SoS was struck away well before its time, the world being built their is still fantastic and dynamic. Though only 3 more issues remain, the story is intricate and definitely worth  a read. The word building done by Christy Marx is fantastic, and I can’t wait for her next issue to come out. Though the future of Nila and Amaya may be shrouded in mystery, the return of either wouldn’t be soon enough. This comic is truly an escapist fantasy, and a wonderful break form the super heroics of the normal DC Universe. Just different enough to be entertaining, and important enough to be worth the read. Marx and Lopresti are lords of their craft and #5 is only proof that DC placed too little faith in them.

5. Wonder Woman #17- I will not lie that Wonder Woman has been struggling so far in 2013. Orion has seemed out of place, and so far lacks a dynamic character. This issue goes along way to make up for the past few issues. Azzarello picks up upon story threads teased way back in his zero issue (as evidenced by his cover). Azzarello’s myth building only gets better as we see not only the return of Poseidon, War, and Strife, but that of the treacherous Hermes as well. While normally opposite, the switch from Chiang to Akins is just what this book needed, as the change of pace with art refreshes and reinvigorates the title. Not only reaffirming my faith in it, but also proving why it is one of the best comics on the market today.

Well there you have it, if that isn’t enough rhetoric to persuade you, then nothing is.

Greetings from your magnanimous merry Marvelite, MoreFunTavis!  No fancy footwork from me this week on why my beloved Marvel Comics deserve your vote, just five amazing titles to wow and amaze you!  So let’s have at it!

1.) Daredevil #23 – I have been telling people how amazing Mark Waid’s run on Daredvil is for quite some time now, and once again, Waid and company do not disappoint.  Not only does this issue run the gambit as far as emotional responses go, from heartwarming to gut wrenching, but it is an astounding lesson in how comics should be colored.  Appreciating the little details is half the fun in comics and Daredevil perfectly exemplified that again this week.

2.) Indestructible Hulk #4 – More Mark Waid!  It is deserves recognition when you re-work a character that despite being loved by movie audiences, is largely ignored within the realm of comics.  The Hulk can be an incredibly dull and monotonous character, but Mark Waid has managed to turn that on its head and give us a Hulk book that anyone can like.

3.) Captain America #4 – Rick Remender continues to blow me away with his sci-fi take on Cap and it certainly doesn’t hurt that Romita is putting in some of the most solid work he has done for Marvel in a long time.  To follow Brubaker’s amazing run on Captain America, Remender had to go in a completely new direction with the title, and that he did.  This is exactly the fun, goofy Cap I want to read.  It’s a book that definitely has something for everyone in it.

4.) Avengers #6 – Well, what do you know!  I do still like the Avengers.  Hell, after this issue, I am fully ready to admit that I am completely head over heels for Hickman’s new vision for the marque Marvel team.  I am finally okay with this really big scope because issue six finally showed that in the middle of all this…largness…Hickman is sitll going to focus in every now and again and give us some really great character moments.  I am still enjoying the art change and would contend once more that Kubert is a much better fit for this type of dynamic, superhero story than Jerome Opena ever was.

5.) Nova #1 – Last but not least, we come to this week’s new number one, the relaunched Nova.  It was incredibly good to see Loeb back in form and writing good comics once more.  You can read my full thoughts on the relaunch here.  Needless to say, I am very excited to have a young reader friendly title in the Marvel line-up and looking forward to what Nova has to offer.

Now that you’ve heard from us, cast your vote! We anxiously await your thoughts.

Until the next time,

Rn & MFT


15 thoughts on “Marvel VS DC Monday’s #3

  1. JLA! Justice League! Plus a very interesting Nightwing gives DC the win for me. So far, for me it has been DC 2, Marvel 1 in this new weekly favorite!

  2. Out of the Big Two, Marvel stole the show this week. Thor GoT and Daredevil were fantastic reads. I did enjoy JLA and Green Lantern on the DC side but they weren’t enough to beat Jason Aaron’s great Thor story alongside Waid’s Daredevil, which would be my overall book of the week if it were not for Saga.

  3. I….must….I’m sorry but this is hard for me to say…give this week to Marvel. DC did NOT disappoint me in any way as JLA (and Vibe!) were both excellent not to mention WW. But the last page of DD completely stole the show. My god that was excellent writing and artistry. I definitely shared a tear with Foggy.

    • Just glad to hear your thoughts! While I cringe whenever Marvel wins that’s only because I love DC so. Glad to get the votes, and am glad to have such a wide variety of opinion. Unfortunately my beloved DC has now fallen to a 4-2 gap in the votes.

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