Marvel First?

Early this morning Marvel circulated a teaser across the internet. That would normally not sound like a huge deal but the image was this.

Marvel #1

Having thought about it for the better part of two hours, I thought I would discuss my thoughts with you all on the matter. The banner still says Marvel NOW!, so it could be that it’s just additional titles added to Marvel NOW! some of the characters that make up the image are not all that huge right now, some of which only having minor spots on teams. This includes Ant-Man, Namor, and Doctor Strange. Everyone else either has their own title, or stars in their own. So this could be early warning that more Marvel NOW! #1’s are on their way for some of these characters.

Newsarama also discussed the possibility that Marvel could be releasing an omnibus of all their Marvel NOW #1’s, which would make a lot of sense given the image.

However this statement came with it “Begin with the greatest heroes in comics– Marvel does it FIRST!! HUGE story coming to fans worldwide!”

So what does that mean exactly? Is it literally a huge story because it is an omnibus?

I have two other theories.

I have long thought that Marvel NOW! was a temporary endeavor to stave off DC’s success. While Marvel is still on top now, they’ve had multiple big releases to keep them there the past few months. With the bulk of their big stories released, Marvel’s time in the spot light could quickly be ending, as subsequent issues of their Marvel NOW titles don’t sell nearly as well. Could Marvel be ditching Marvel NOW, and starting over with all new #1’s?

Additionally, Could Marvel be making a comic about the origins of their characters? The term first could easily lend itself to it. Rather than reboot the whole universe, if they had a big serial that revamped the origins of their characters, they could continue to publish their line while still refreshing and amending continuity.

This could then launch right into a New Marvel NOW scenario, where they refresh all their titles back to one. I’m not suggesting they will do a reboot, as it would undermine not only the ethics of their company at this time, but would serve no purpose at this time. This is happening soon, and Marvel would need to put some distance between Marvel NOW! and a complete reboot if they don’t want to come under extreme scrutiny.

Even without a hard core reboot, Marvel can still refresh their line. Marvel could easily tinker the origins and very fabric of their universe with an ongoing series dedicated to just that. Hell, they could do several. I’m not talking about a retelling like The Season One, but they could easily do a bunch of Year One type stories to revamp the continuity of every character in their universe. A bunch of mini series’ focused on not only changing the characters, but altering the Marvel Universe would be appealing to most. Especially if you could buy it along side the characters you liked the best.

What are your thoughts? What does this announcement mean?

Until the next time,



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