Web.Comics.Info-The Gutters

Hey guys, Writing Writer here and today I’m going to introduce you guys to the amazing web comic, The Gutters.

The Gutters is a tri-weekly parody web comic targeting the comics industry.  If that isn’t enough to get you going, each page is done by a different artist from the industry!  Each page is beautifully done with the artist’s matching the flavor of the joke perfectly making it one of the highlights of my Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursdays.  With over 350 pages there’s guaranteed a favorite for any comics fan. Here’s one of mine.  It’s a bit dated but it always gets a giggle out of me.


The Gutters started 2010 and was created by Ryan Sohmer.  For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Sohmer is responsible two other popular series, Looking For Group and The Least I could Do.  He’s also the Vice President/Creative Director of Blind Ferret Entertainment which is responsible for publishing other web comics such as Girls with Slingshots and Hijinks Ensue.  Basically he’s responsible for creating and supporting some of the best web content currently out there and The Gutters is no exception.


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