Ravingnerd Reviews: Justice League of America #1

I don’t know many people who hadn’t been anticipating this. A team up with Geoff Johns and David Finch that was set to redefine the Justice League as we all knew it? What DC fan wouldn’t hop aboard that as fast as possible? And if you weren’t excited about it, you probably aren’t a DC fan. Or at least fanatical as the rest of us.

The DC Universe has seemed primed for this for quite a while now. This comic takes not only characters from across the DC Universe but concepts, elements, and plots that we haven’t see in a long time. So with all the anticipation set, it’s time I get this review under way:

1. David Finch. Pretty much enough said.
2. Waller (despite appearances) is still a boss and master of her trade. I love how involved she is with the team and why she chose the specific members.
3. I honestly think this is the coolest we’ve seen Hawkman in the New 52 so far. While his title was called “The Savage Hawkman” this is certainly the most savage we have seen him.
4. Similar props to Katana, whom is now placed on a pedestal of bad assery. While a great assasin in before the New 52, she has now been promoted. Waller stated that she and Deathstroke both vie for the title of worlds best assassin. Now that’s bad ass.
5. Professor Ivo is revealed to be one of the dark shadowy figures meeting (from the back of Justice League #6). The panel is recreated here, but reveals a little more information than the first.
6. J’onn starts being a badass right off the bat.

Rating before reading: 8
Rating after reading: 8

This is one solid comic. There is so much good to it, the problem with it only comes with it being a first issue. It hits so many good notes, but does little except introduce the players of the team. Hell, the team doesn’t even know they are a team yet. Despite that, this comic is driven by the knowledge that the Secret Society has already formed and is gunning the heroes. As a reader, we know shits going to get real fast. The highlight of the comic for me is in two places. With the surprise reveal behind the side story taking place simultaneously, and with Trevor and J’onn talking. The surprise of the first reveal is excellent, and is honestly important to the structure of the team. The latter interaction, as noted above, just proves just how revolutionary the characterization of J’onn will be in this book.

A solid read, and well worth the investment. I am definitely in this for the long hall.

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5 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Justice League of America #1

  1. I flipped out over this title. Along with GL and JL, Johns had an amazing Wednesday. I really loved the secrecy and Waller’s thoughtfulness to keep the JLA unknown to the JL. I’ll be looking forward to the undoubted meeting of the two groups.

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