News From the Mountain Top

Hello all! I bring exciting news from the Mountain Top. The Crew and I enjoyed Legends of the Shadow Clan #1 so much that we started looking around at other Aspen creations. Then a series of events led to the content of this post.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Aspen comics, as such they are celebrating with a “10 for 10” initiative. The fourth part of this event is the release of the second volume of their acclaimed Charismagic series. Here’s a blurb from the official press release.
“Magician Hank Medley thought he had everything figured out. After saving the world from an ancient, ruinous evil, with the help of a Druid named Sudana and his magical talking cat Sparkles, Hank discovers the true nature of dark magic has arrived in his own realm—our world! Now, the trio must attempt to put an end to catastrophic events that will threaten to tear Earth apart under the weight of such a menace. Featuring a returning cast of Charismagic’s favorite characters along with several new and astonishing faces and creatures of magic, this new volume of CHARISMAGIC is a perfect jumping-on point for all!”


And Aspen’s special Emerald City Comic Con Swag has been announced. A limited addition Variant cover for their new series “Legend of the Shadow Clan” #2. With less than 200 copies available, if you are going to ECCC then Legend of the Aspen booth should be one of your first stops.

And in case my little spiel didn’t quite convince you, perhaps this press image will?


Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited. Legend’s of the Shadow Clan #1 was a great read (reviewed by our own Ghost Writer). As the case generally is, when I find exciting new content, I do my best to explore the rest that company has to offer.

That’s all the news from the mountain top today.

Until the next time,



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