Under The Radar: Venezia #1

This is about as independent a comic can get. I found this comic through Kickstarter.com, (which is a great place to look if you are interested in the grittiest of indie comics) and helped fund the first two issues. If you are unfamiliar with the kickstarter practice, it basically breaks down to this. Someone somewhere has an idea and wants to make it a reality, but needs funding. They post it to kickstarter and through a series of micro-donations by us patrons, they earn the funds necessary to make it happen. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, a little about this comic.

This book takes place during the 16th century in Venice and follows a beautiful heroine vigilante. Her back story is vague at the moment, but it seems she was part of high society until being figuratively beaten down and cast out. That’s about all you get from the first issue. It seems to me that the idea behind this story is a mix between any orphaned super hero story and Altair from Assassin’s Creed. As much as I hate criticizing the work of entrepeneurs, I just don’t think I can get behind the book. The story line seems to generic for me (and this may get better as more issues are created) and the art was very rough. Not bad art per se, just not clean and detailed. This may be what they were going for, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Overall, I’d give this book a

4 out of 10

The creators took on a project and created a book, but I feel there is much growth needed before they or this book could be a hit. Regardless of how I feel about this single book, I do plan to keep supporting undiscovered talent  as everyone was a no one at one point.

Ghost Writer

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