Greatest Hits: May 2013

Hello comic fans! It’s a great time to be a fan of DC comics, as everything is getting ready to hit the fan. I have already outlined my must not miss comics of April (now dubbed the WTF month). What is up with April exactly? Just about everything seems to be coming to ahead in May (except for Batman, that happens this month. But more on that later). So without more set up, let’s get right to it!

10. Deathstroke #20/Savage Hawkman #2/Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #20/The Ravagers #12/Team 7 #8/Sword of Sorcery #8- Holy hell that’s a lot to cram into one list. But the loss of every series is heartbreaking to some. Almost everyone has suffered a loss to the New 52 that they just can’t forgive. I have now lost Sword of Sorcery (in addition to Resurrection Man and Blackhawks). The conclusions to all of these series’ are not only important to the story telling of the DC Universe, but to the comic market as well. DC will give a comic 8 issues, after they won’t show any remorse. Team 7 and Sword of Sorcery aren’t even at issue 5 and they are already slated to die. But that’s neither here nor there. As a fan of all things DC, a feel a big send off is necessary for every cancelled title and thus by the last issue of all of them. It’s the least I can do.

9. Detective Comics #20- Detective’s has hit my my list every month as of late. While not falling near as high on the list as before, Layman and Fabok seem to be taking the reigns of the Bat books soon. All indications point that a massive upheival with organized crime in Gotham is on its way (something I had hoped would happen). As Dark Knight, Catwoman, and Detective’s all seem to set up for what could be an all out crime war. Interested? Then start at Detective #13 if you can find it.

8. Earth 2 #12/Earth 2 Annual #1- Earth 2 is poised to continue its near pitch perfect run as Green Lantern looks to finally realize the importance of a team come May. In addition to that it looks like The Atom will start playing by team rules and less by the laws of the World Army. Finally, the Earth 2 Annual explores the new Batman of Earth 2. Is it a familiar Bat-family character? Will he become a major player? Is he even a hero at all? Fans of Earth 2 will have a hard time waiting on this one.

7. Action Comics #20- One of my major complaints about the New 52 so far has been the absence of Lex Luthor, well it looks like he hasn’t been as absent as I thought. Not only is Lex poised to make a comeback in the present, but the new run of Action will explore his involvement with the New 52. So while he may not have seen much on panel time within the 5 year history of the DCnU, he’s kept busy.

6. Stormwatch #20/All-Star Western #20- Stormwatch is set to completely and irreversibly change. Everything about it but the name is going. Fans may be nervous, but massive change like this can’t be missed. Not for fans, and not for anyone partially curious about the team. Additionally, a previous version of Stormwatch is showing up in the back up for All-Star Western. So fans who love the Torchwood feel of the current title will be happy to know that it’s history is intact.

5. The Green Team #1/The Movement #1- Two new comics that seem to take opposite sides of a political coins. While the Green Team is an obscure and stupid idea from DC’s past, the team of Baltazar and Franco could be just what it needs. A light take on the concept, one that doesn’t try to be serious nor take itself seriously could be a huge advantage for the title. The next by Simone has infinite potential, still quite mysterious in concept and plot, the sky is ultimately the limit. This book could end up being something that feels more Vertigo than DC. And is that really a bad thing?

4. Green Arrow #20- The archer’s revolution continues as Lemire’s Death Machine rolls forward. With issue #17 out to almost universal praise, Green Arrow could grow over the next few months to be one of DC’s biggest things. Also, take a look at the solicit. It distinctly says Outsiders. Emphasis on the capital O. Hint as to the shades to come?

3. Batman and Robin #20- By now it is clear that something is happening to Damian. While most likely not in Death of the Family, something huge, and potentially fatal will happen to Batman’s wayward son soon. In Batman and Robin #20, the pain from whatever does happen is so intense that he needs the help of another former side kick, which turns out to be Jason. As you can all probably guess, it won’t end well. But more to the point, will the Batman and Robin book now feature team ups with Batman and former Robins?

2. Justice League #20/Justice League Dark #20/Justice League of America #4- The road to Trinity War is on it’s way and the players are taking the stage. While the JLA is off dealing with the new Secret Society, the Justice League is gearing up for Trinity War (in an official tie in) and the JLD is helping out (or getting some help?) from Flash and the Phantom Stranger. Pieces are set, and the players are in motion. But it’s still anyone’s guess as to what Trinity War is about or what will happen.

1. Green Lantern #20/Green Lantern Corps. #20/Green Lantern: New Guardians #20/Red Lanterns #20- Not only is May the grand farewell to the Geoff Johns (single handedly responsible for the overwhelming success of the Green Lantern line), but it sees every creative team from all the books leave. All the writers on the four titles have been there since the very beginning, so this is a huge deal. What new creators will come to the titles? Who will be the new Shepard of the Lantern Universe? And most importantly, what will happen to Sinestro? We’ll all find out soon.

Well, this is my list of the must not miss comics of May, what are your thoughts on the solicits, and what can’t you miss this May.

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2 thoughts on “Greatest Hits: May 2013

  1. The only book that was cancelled that I was reading regularly was I Vampire. Maybe DC should not focus as much on keeping 52 titles but help their struggling titles all reach a steady audience and place in the top 100 in sales. For Johns leaving Green Lantern, my choice to replace him would be Robert Venditti. His XO-Manowar has been fantastic and I am excited for what he will bring to Demon Knights. Lastly, I will say I enjoy Laymon/Fabok’s Detective more than Snyder/Capullo’s Batman. I love the feel it has that reminds me of the Animated Series.

    • I completely agree. Snyder might have the epic story, but Layman/Fabok have turned a B-list title into one of the best things on the shelf. And it happens to have Batman in it. The title seems to be more focused on the other characters (including the villains). Which is a pleasure. I would absolutely love Venditti to be involved with a Green Lantern title (if not the helm to the whole universe itself). Perhaps this is what he was hinting at when he left Constantine?

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