Marvel VS DC Monday #1

As many a nerd can attest, the conflict and struggle about the superiority of either Marvel or DC has waged across the internet and comic book stores for generations. While this argument will never get solved, MoreFunTravis and I have decided to make an interesting wager. Since he’s a Marvel zombie and since I’m the classiest of DC fans, we have decided to compile our thoughts on Marvel and DC weekly. I will discuss the highlights of DC comics from the past week, while Travis will highlight Marvel. Within one post we will both try to convince you of one side or the other. It is then up to you the reader and fan to vote by commenting on Twitter, on this post, or on Facebook. So without further set up, let the great debate commence!

Ravingnerd here with my thoughts on why DC should be considered the top dog this week. Last week is normally the slowest of weeks for DC with only two real headlining titles (Swamp Thing and Animal Man). This week for DC was a shock on nearly all fronts as many comics were on top of their game. So while the first week of the month should be the hardest for DC to compete with, this week should be considered a hands down win for DC. Here are the reasons why.

1. Animal Man and Swamp Thing’s Rotworld conclusion did not disappoint. Snyder and Lemire are gentlemen and scholars.
2. Under Layman and Fabok, Detective Comics has become a force to be reckoned with. Do we really deserve two equally stellar bat solo books? Layman and Fabok seem to think so.
3. Green Arrow #17. It makes the entire run worth it as we see New 52 Ollie’s life torn to shreds. And honestly, who wasn’t happy seeing everything we hated about New 52 Ollie, burn, blow up, or die (or some combination of the three)?
4. Phantom Stranger had a great week. Not only did we get to see an epic clash between The Spectre and the Phantom Stranger, but The Question gets more time in the spot light. And to top it all off, we see God for the first time in the New 52…. and it probably isn’t what you expect.
5. Stormwatch was not only exciting, but it did three important things. First it introduced Zealot to the New 52, second the Projectionist has decided to join the forces of good, and third, Brother Eye/OMAC/Checkmate all get involved (more like controlled) by the renegade Engineer. If fans have been wanting Stormwatch to tie into DC proper more, this issue will blow your mind as Stormwatch is connected everywhere, and in a huge way.

Face front true believers! It’s MoreFunTravis here to refute everything my dear friend Ravingnerd has just argued and convince you instead that my beloved Marvel had the better week of the Big Two.

Now, I will be the first to admit that everything Ravingnerd has previously stated holds some truth.  DC had a fantastic week.  It’s hard to top the resurgence of Green Arrow and the conclusion of a story arc that has elevated two minor characters to star status.  However, Marvel managed to win my favor for another week and astound me for a few very specific reasons:

1.) Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers reached levels of absolute perfection this week.  The paradigms he is establishing in these early issues are going to make for spectacular Avengers comics for issues and issues to come.
2.) Until this week’s third issue, I had been all but repulsed by Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man.  This week however, finally won me over.  Slott wrote a wonderful Mary Jane and alongside Ryan Stegman’s perfect pencils, this team is finally crafting a Spider-man narrative that is compelling and original.  To win over this loyal Spidey fan is a feat worth recognition.
3.)  My final point for the case of Marvel’s domination in the last week of January is the continued perfection of one title:  All New X-Men.  Bendis’ take on the X-Men, both old and new, continues to capture the magic, the drama, and the uniqueness that makes the X-Men the greatest team in comics.  Relieving Stuart Immonen of art duties again this issue was the incredibly talented David Marquez and the switch on art only helped to maintain this book’s unique and clean look.  Much to the chagrin of my friend Ravingnerd here, I continue to describe this initial run on All New X-Men as “Claremontian” because it is just that:  the essence of all that was special and fun about those old Claremont X-Men runs.
Immediately upon finishing this issue I felt as if I had gone back and relieved those early, perfect experiences I had with the X-men.  In short, it brought me back into my Marvel U, and made forget all of the ups and downs Marvel has put the X-Men through in recent decades.  As good ol’ Stan would put it:  ‘Nuff said!

Alright! Now that both of us have gotten to present our cases, it is up to you to vote! You have until next week, so share with your friends and begin commenting away!

Until the next time, who will reign supreme?

Rn & MFT


13 thoughts on “Marvel VS DC Monday #1

  1. I give the nod to DC this week –
    While MFT made a very compelling argument for All-New X-Men, he was only able to point out the success and overall Awesomeness of Three of Marvel’s Titles while RN hit the nail on the head across Five great moments in DC books fro last week.

    • I agree. While I don’t think the decisions will be as easy as this in future weeks, this week was a surprising smash from all corners of the DCU. Showing that even the most under rated and under appreciated books in the New 52 have a chance to strut their stuff.

  2. While usually more of a DC man, this week saw DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS(my favorite, and was not mentioned in the article) as well as SSM. Personally, All New X-Men has disappointed me so far, but EoD is enough to push the win to Marvel

    • I am very excited for EOD. I’m waiting to read it in trade, but from what I hear, it captures a lot of the old DD magic from the Bendis days.

      • I would defiantly recommend giving it a read. Powerful storytelling, beautiful art, and lots of twists and turns combine to create my favorite book out there right now.

  3. Really haven’t been pleased with New 52, except for Batman. That said, I believe Avengers #5’s origin story of the new Smasher was overlooked. I think Hickman did a great job there. I love anything Shi’ar and we also got to see what happened to the old WWII character Dan Dare (Smasher’s grandfather if you didn’t notice). I feel that DC hasn’t really done anything impressing since Blackest Night and even that was tainted by Brightest Day. They might have had a great week, but they have lost a lot of ground in the last couple of years and Marvel seems to be eating it up. In fact, Geoff Johns is leaving Green Lantern, so that’s another blow to DC. Liefeld was right!

    • I respect your opinion but rwspecrfully disagree. Aside from Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Flash have all had unspeakably good runs in the New 52. And having read GL for years, I think it’s actually been the weakest the title has ever been in the New 52. Hickman lost me at issue 3 of Avengers, but New Avengers has been absolutely dynamic. We’ll see where things go with Marvel NOW!, but so far I’m reading less Marvel now because of it.

  4. Just trying to catch up on some comics with recent purchase of an e-reader, but so far DC is winning. Animal Man and Batman are smashing it, hands down. Meta-Jesus bless you, Scott Snyder. 🙂

  5. When I first started into comics on my own, I was a Marvel fan. Almost all the books I had inherited were 80s-90s marvel. But as the new 52 started, I jumped into DC and now find it dominates my monthly pull list. Lemire has become my favorite write as well as one of my favorite artists. Sadly, Marvel hasn’t kept many spots on my list and part of the reason is due to double shipping I will admit. Currently the books I am picking up from Marvel are FF, New Avengers, Hawkguy (Followers of IGN know what I am saying), Daredevil, and Thor. DC has me reading Batman, Detective, Flash, Green Arrow, JLD, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Demon Knights, Green Lantern. DC has converted me and I hope to stay.

      • Why thank you. I also read Hellboy in Hell, BPRD, Black Beetle, Star Wars, Saga, Fatale, XO-Manowar, and Harbinger. Comics are great.

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